The Truth About God

This document is a transcript of a seminar on the subject of, an overview of God.

Seminar conducted on 4th August 2012 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil

1.  Introduction



Firstly I’d like to thank you for coming along today and secondly I would like to apologise for the fact that I do not speak Portuguese!


Today I’m going to say many things to you that will probably be quite confronting and sometimes difficult to hear, but what I would love for you to be able to do is to stay engaged in the conversation with me and ask as many questions as you like. Then we can work through all of the things that you find confronting. It’s always confronting to hear somebody speak about different belief systems and so for that reason sometimes we have to stay emotionally open to the idea of hearing new things. That’s what I would like for you to do with me today: be emotionally open so that we can talk about new things that you may not have heard before.


Today we’re going to talk about two main topics: “The Truth About ‒ God” and “The Truth About ‒ The Human Soul.” And then tomorrow we will do two additional topics. All of these topics relate to your entire existence, but they are also mostly about spiritual matters; matters to do with love. It’s particularly the issue of love that I would like to raise with you over the next two days because to me true spirituality is all about developing yourself in love. Today and tomorrow I would love to present some ideas to you about how you can develop your love much more rapidly and change very rapidly in your life and become a more loving person. I’m not suggesting that you’re already not a loving person, but I feel it’s very, very important for us to understand love to a much greater degree than we currently do on the Earth because most of the problems that we see happening on the Earth are all to do with a lack of love.


Now to talk to you today and tomorrow, I need to talk about some basic principles upon which we can build a foundation of understanding. Those basic things I would like to raise with you over the next two days but I will just provide a summary now so you understand what the main topics of discussion will be. The very first main topic of discussion is this: “The Truth About ‒ God.”


For many people God is not a very nice word and for other people when we speak of God they think we’re starting to speak about religion. But I’m talking more about God in the sense of the universal Creator; the Creator of all of us and the Creator of all things, and how we can have a relationship with that person.

The second main thing I would like to discuss with you is the truth about you but let’s expand that to: “The Truth About – The Human Soul.” I will discuss the difference between your body, your spirit body and your soul. At any time you can ask any question you wish but these are the two topics I would like to discuss and then tomorrow I would like to discuss two other topics.

Tomorrow I would like to discuss “The Truth About Spirits” or we could say people who are still alive that we think are dead and then I would like to discuss with you “The Truth About Reincarnation”. I find many people now on the earth believe in reincarnation and I would like to discuss with you how reincarnation actually works in comparison to what almost everybody on earth believes it works but many, many spirits in the spirit world.

1 Also known as Alan John Miller, or AJ.

know it doesn’t work the way we think it works on earth. Are there any questions about that; there will be in time.

1.1.  Introduction to Jesus and Mary



Now the very first thing that I would like to mention though is: I’d like to talk a little bit about Mary and me, so that you can get to know us as individuals. So Mary, the lady sitting there, is my partner. Mary is thirty-three years old and Mary has been all over the world: in fact she has spent a lot of time in South America, but has never been to Brazil. And myself, I have never been to Brazil or South America before. Mary’s last name is Mary Luck so you could say I’m a very lucky man (laughter), but Mary has heard all of those jokes before (laughter). Mary and I live in Australia and we travel around the world teaching spiritual things. My name is Alan John Miller and I am forty-nine years of age and I have two sons, one is twenty-eight years old and one is twenty-six years old. Some of you did not think I was forty-nine years of age and in time I can explain why I look young.


The next thing I want to say to you is very confronting and many of you will find it difficult. Mary and I have been alive for two thousand years. To us it has been one complete life and it’s a life we remember in one period of time. The very first time I came to Earth I was called Yeshua Ben Josef, so you know me as Jesus, but most people don’t know me. Mary was first born in the first century as Mary Magdalene and of course many people don’t know Mary Magdalene either because many things that we think we know about those two people – who are actually Mary and myself – are things that we have been taught by others rather than knowing us personally.

1.2. Introduction to Divine Truth



For that two thousand year period, Mary and I have been teaching what we call the Divine Truth. It’s not my truth and it’s not Mary’s truth. I had to learn this truth by going through a process with God and as I went through that process I discovered many things, which the average person on Earth cannot discover without doing the same thing with God. What it gets down to for us is that we would like to present to you the things that we’ve discovered over that period of time.


Of course we can’t discuss everything we’ve discovered over that period of time because that would take two thousand years, but we can discuss many of the basic principles of things that we have discussed that you can then experiment with in your own life. Mary and I do not expect you to believe everything we say. We honour the fact that you have free will and you can make any decision that you would like to make in your entire life, without ever referring to another person at all. This is God’s gift to you: to be able to make those decisions but there are advantages in understanding the real truth of the universe in comparison to working our way through things without understanding. If somebody could come along and talk to you about many of the things that actually happen in the universe, can you see that it would make your life easier with regard to discovering those things?


I’m happy for any of you to ask any questions about what I’ve just stated and then we can move on to the topic I would like to talk to you about. Are we all happy to move on? In Australia it’s interesting because many times I make that introduction that I’ve just made and lots of people react in all sorts of ways and then when I travel around the world, we often get very similar reactions from different people.

I would love to present some information to you and it’s up to you to make a choice yourself. As I said, Mary and I do not want to force you into making any choices or decisions and we do not charge for anything that we do; we do everything that we do free of charge. The reason why we do that is that we believe the Divine Truth should be free to anybody who wants it and then I suppose you have to ask the question of how do Mary and I live? Because we do travel around teaching these things to the world free of charge without doing any other work. The way we live is that many people who have listened to what we teach have wanted to help us by just

donating some money to us, and that allows Mary and I to pay for our expenses and also to pay for our travel as well. But we do not expect you to donate with any event that we hold; so only donate if you feel like you want to and do not feel obliged.

2. God is an entity with whom we can have a personal relationship



Shall we proceed with the subject of God? Do not forget that you can ask questions at any time. Shall we proceed? Now one of the main problems I feel that there is in the world is that many people have a very, very large or wide variety of understandings about who or what God is. Some people believe that God is an entity, but a very angry entity who sometimes loves people but only when they do the right thing and other times punishes people when they do the wrong thing. Then there are other religions in the world and other people who believe that God does not exist at all except as an energy, a feeling that transmits across the universe. Then there are some people who are atheists who do not believe God exists at all and so there are a very, very wide variety of beliefs on the planet about who and what God is.


You can personally experiment with everything that I present to you about God today. The beauty of experimenting is that it gives us the ability to personally have an experience, rather than trusting what somebody else is saying to us and it’s not until we really have a personal experience that we will understand the truth about anything. It’s one thing to be told something, quite another to actually believe it and I personally do not feel that it is good for any person to believe something without there being some kind of personal experience involved. Unless we have the personal experience it is very, very difficult to hold onto a belief as true but sometimes our personal experiences are explained one way when the truth of them is that they are another way. What we find generally with religions on the planet is that we have a personal experience of God and then we think that it’s because of the belief we have, but the reality is that the personal experience comes from an emotion of a connection that we have between ourselves and God. Let me talk to you about God a bit and then allow yourself to feel about whether these things are true or not.


Firstly, God is an entity or a being. God does have energies coming out of God that go through the entire universe and we can talk about many of those energies: some of those energies are creative and other ones are maintenance energies of the universe but God also has other – you could say – feelings for all of Her creations.

2.1. God has masculine and feminine qualities

God is an entity with masculine and feminine qualities



God has masculine and feminine qualities. If we believe God’s only male or we believe God’s only female, already we have an issue with God. Historically many people have taught that God is only male and they call God our Father, and a lot of the reasons for that are to do with how historically males have dominated the planet for a period of time. But there was a time in human history before that time when females dominated the planet and they thought God was female. Humankind has gone through this cycle of God is male, God is female, God is male, God is female, God is male, God is female back and forward, back and forward, not understanding that God includes both characteristics and qualities. So God is as much our Mother as our Father.

2.2.  God is loving, and not angry or punishing



God being an entity has feelings and emotions but every one of those feelings and emotions is in harmony with love so God has no feelings or emotions that are out of harmony with love. God does not get angry and God does not punish.

Many people on this Earth believe that God does these things, and many people on Earth are frightened of God because they believe that God gets angry and will punish them. A lot of the time people are walking around on tiptoes with their relationship with God; they’re afraid to make a wrong step in the wrong direction just in case God may punish them and harm them in some way to try to correct them. But God doesn’t have this very demanding autocratic nature; God allows us to feel things and God allows us to experiment. To experiment we have to make mistakes, so it wouldn’t be very fair that we experiment and make mistakes and then someone punishes us for making a mistake.


We can think of God as someone who is better than the most loving person we have ever experienced on Earth. Most of the time people on Earth try to pull God down to their way of thinking, but to understand God we need to understand that we need to grow up into God’s way of thinking. Now that we know that God is not angry and does not punish, we can feel a bit more relaxed in our relationship with God. We can allow ourselves to experiment with this relationship with God without worrying that at some time in the future God will punish us for making experiments.

2.3.  God is infinite



Another quality of God is that God is infinite. No person I’ve ever met at this point – even in two thousand years

– has ever found the limitations of God. We have discovered our own limitations but we have not found any limitations with God. If you think about that then if God is infinite and God has an infinite amount of emotion, then God must have an infinite amount of love which He shares with everything in the universe. Also it would make sense that God has an infinite amount of truth. In other words God knows everything about the universe, how it works scientifically, mathematically, as well as everything about you. God is a grand mathematician and a grand scientist and He is also encouraging us to be the same, to understand the mathematics of the universe, to understand the science of the universe and to understand ourselves. You see God does not need to understand us in terms of learning about us because God already knows us but when we’re first born we don’t know ourselves and so we’re in this process of discovery. That’s what we need to allow ourselves to do: go through the process of discovery.

God has infinite Love and Truth


If God is infinite and has an infinite amount of love and truth the question becomes this, “How can I learn some of the truth that God has and how can I feel some of the love that God has?” You can see that they would be the two primary questions, wouldn’t they? Because if I can understand the truth then I can get to know the truth of everything in the universe and if I can come to understand and feel love then I can be the happiest I could ever be but here on the Earth during our life we often have very short periods where we feel joy or love and then we have long periods where we feel unhappy or not joyous. There must be a reason why we have these periods of joy and then these periods of sadness and these periods of joy and then these periods of sadness and if we knew what the reason was, then it would make sense that we could change that so that we can only feel the joy and release the sadness, and this is very much involved with what I feel is our relationship with God.


It’s very important to understand that God loves, and therefore God loves us.


Now many people say that but they don’t ever really feel that and they walk through their life being very self- reliant because even though they say or think they believe in God, they don’t really have a personal relationship with God and therefore do not feel happy but most people don’t believe that that’s the reason why they feel unhappy. They might feel they’re unhappy because they don’t have enough money, or not enough friends, or their best friend is attacking them but you can be completely happy not having enough money and completely happy with no friends and completely happy when people attack you but you can only do that really if you  know how to have this relationship with God.


Another thing we need to understand about God is that because God is infinite, God also has an infinite amount of characteristics, qualities and attributes and the way that we get to know God’s character, quality and attributes is by having this relationship, this personal relationship with God. If we think that God is without character and without qualities and without attributes, it is going to be very difficult for us to have a relationship with God.


Many people on the planet believe that God is like a power station that’s sending electricity throughout the universe that keeps everything operating, but the problem with this kind of belief is that you cannot see God as having qualities, characteristics, attributes and a personality. It’s very hard for a power station to have a personality, but I’m saying to you that God does have a personality as well as many other attributes which you can personally discover by developing a relationship.

2.4.  Developing a relationship with God



God designed the way for you to have the relationship but very few people on Earth have actually discovered the way to have the relationship with God. In the spirit world there is an area called the Celestial kingdom or the Celestial heavens. It’s a very, very happy place and also everybody there is extremely content. They are all discovering new things about the universe, new things about God, new things about themselves, but they are doing so in a state where they no longer have any unhappiness. This is also possible on Earth but it’s only possible by engaging this way with God, the way God designed for us to engage.


The way that most religions engage God now is that they come with a heap of concepts about God that they believe, but they don’t know for certain whether those beliefs are true or not. They only believe them because they have been taught them, usually by their family or their friends or by a minister or a priest, and not because they’ve had to personally discover them. There is a way in which you can personally discover every single thing in the universe, and that is by connecting with God and it would make logical sense that if God knows all the truth and if there is a way to connect to God then there’d be a way for God to show us that truth.


If God loves us then surely God would want to share the truth with us; but if God doesn’t care, then God would just let us go about discovering the truth by ourselves. What I’m saying to you is that God does care and there is a way to receive all of this truth personally between you and God. A lot of people historically have believed  they need a mediator between themselves and God and I’m saying to you that is not necessary at all. God created all of us as unique individuals but we are all equal. Therefore there is no special person through whom you can connect to God.

2.4.1.  Our relationship with God does not need a mediator



Historically many people believed that I, Jesus, am the mediator between themselves and God but this is not true. I am just a person the same as you are. I have to discover God the same way if I wish to have a relationship with God and I have to discover God’s way, not my own. The way that God designed to give me love and the way God designed to give me truth – that is what I’ve had to discover. No special person has ever existed on this planet who is the go-between between God and mankind; each of us has the potential to have a special relationship with God because all of us are God’s children and therefore we are all brothers and sisters. We may speak different languages, we may be of a different gender, but we are still equal and this is the main thing to understand about God; God does not favour one person over another.


Participant Male:

Joan of Arc was supposed to have connections with God and that she probably felt betrayed because then she was placed in the fire, to burn.



Historically there are many people who believe they had a special connection with God but when they passed into the spirit world they realised they were the same as all others. This is one of the very first things we need to understand about ourselves – and when I get to discussing the truth about ourselves, we’ll discuss some of these principles – for now the main thing we need to understand is that God loves us all individually very deeply and wants to have a close bond with every one of us. It’s only we ourselves that stop the connection from actually happening; we prevent it via our actions and our thoughts and what we do.

2.5. God is a distinct entity from us who existed before the universe was created


Participant Female:

I feel no difference between God and myself. I feel all the time that I am part of God, that there’s no distinction.



Yes, this is a very common belief on the planet today, that we are all a part of God but I will explain the difference between the relationship we have with God and what God is. God is an entity that is unique and separate to us but parts of God can enter us. However if I explain in more detail.


Before anything ever existed, God existed; so therefore before we existed, God existed. God did not need to create us in order to experience Herself. God created us because God desired to express Her Love to us; this desire that God had caused God to desire to create. God wanted every one of God’s creations to experience the love that God had in this process of creation and during this creation new entities came into being; and you are one half of one of those new entities. The other half is called your soulmate, and I will explain more about that when we go to the next section in “The Truth About ‒ The Human Soul”. But basically what I am saying to you is that there is God the entity and there is you the entity and a part of God can enter you and parts of you can enter God and we have to know how that happens.


Participant Female:

It’s hard to understand this because one of the characteristics of God is being omnipresent.



There is a difference between omnipresence and the creation of children who are also then given free will – if we can explain this. This concept that God is omnipresent comes from man’s imagination and it can be disproven by a bit of logic. Before the universe existed did God exist?


Participant Female:

He should have existed because He’s eternal.





Participant Female:




Logically, yes. This is important: God has given us a brain to actually use our logic in a way that we can discover truth. So if God existed before the universe existed, then logically God can’t be in the universe, God has to be bigger than the universe. So God is larger than the universe and parts of God’s energies can enter the universe and God has also created you so that part of you or your energy can exit the universe and enter God and part of God can enter you, but it has to be a process that we understand.


It is very important to understand that God existed before the universe was created. God also allowed for the creation of new universes and each time one of humankind reaches a new condition of love that nobody else has ever experienced, a new universe is created and this universe is created in a different dimensional space. Now many of you may have learned that there are seven dimensional spaces, but the reality is there are many more dimensional spaces than seven. The Celestial kingdom or the Celestial heavens – what I called the Kingdom of God – that is in the eighth dimension. Each time someone reaches a new condition of love that no one else has ever experienced before, a new dimension is created. God created the potential for that to happen and the way God created the potential was by creating a framework for us to experience growth infinitely.

3.  God created laws that provide a framework for the universe and our growth


As we grow into these new conditions, we learn more things, we understand more truth, and we also understand and feel more love. God created this beautiful potential or framework in which we can exist and grow forever. We are not limited beings; we are growing beings. Now the framework that God created we can call God’s Laws. These laws create the framework of love in which we can grow. God created a lot of different types of laws; some of them affect the physical body, some of them affect the spiritual body and some of them affect the soul.

3.1.  God’s Laws have a hierarchical structure



Now some laws that affect the physical body are things like gravity and aerodynamics. Aerodynamics overcomes gravity, but only in certain circumstances: we have to have a wing that creates lift, and then we have experiences that are no longer being tied by gravity. So within the physical laws gravity is a lower physical law and aerodynamics is a higher physical law. Mankind has been working with gravity for many, many thousands of years but has only recently learned of aerodynamics in modern times.


There are all these laws that exist but some of them we don’t know about because we’ve yet to discover them, just like when we first discovered these laws of aerodynamics by watching what happened around us. We could see birds flying and we wondered how they managed that. Initially people thought that the way birds managed to fly was by being lighter than air but then some experimenters wrapped up the bird without the wings  extended and they dropped the bird and it hit the ground. It wasn’t lighter than air, so then they had to work out why.


They started thinking that a feather was lighter than air, so what they did then: they plucked the feather from the bird and they chose a completely still day with no wind and they dropped the feather and it hit the ground. So the feather was not lighter than air and so through a series of experiments mankind discovered that there was this pull of gravity pulling everything with mass to the ground, but they still had not discovered the secret of aerodynamics. They had to do more experiments to find out how the bird’s wing was designed and how it could create lift and once they discovered that, they could replicate it.


This is very important to understand as a principle in terms of discovering all of God’s Laws because God’s Laws have a hierarchy. The lower laws govern certain things but then there are higher laws that can overcome the lower law in certain circumstances, and this demonstrates how clever God is. God is very, very smart.


God not only made all of these laws but some of the laws that God made we are yet to actually find out, we are yet to discover. There are laws that God has made that the highest person in the universe – and when I say highest I mean the person in the greatest condition of love and in the greatest condition of truth – is yet to discover because God has an infinite number of laws that we can discover that govern Her entire universe and even govern universes that are yet to be made. This is the beautiful thing about what God did: God created the potential for us to continue to grow infinitely by having these laws in place before we began.


Some of the laws are very, very simple in that if we look at the Law of Gravity, there are generally only three circumstances in which it operates. It requires two masses and the second mass, which is smaller, is drawn towards the greater mass. Now if you look at how that happens with us as humans, we can see that there are three ways we can break that law. Normally we are walking very firmly on the ground and as long as the ground is firm, we are stable, firm, and feeling secure. However, when you put us on top of a twenty storey building  and there is the ledge and while we’re walking up to the edge we’re still secure, but the very next step is going to be very insecure because the law will come into effect where there is nothing supporting me. From that moment on I will be falling in an accelerating manner towards the ground, and the law states that depending on the size of the mass the speed of acceleration will be different. Here in our world the acceleration is 9.8 metres per second squared and we accelerate towards the ground until we hit the ground.


Now if we have only been a few metres above the ground or one metre above the ground, then the damage might not be very great. So we’ve broken the law but the damage is not great because of the amount by which we’ve broken the law. And God is not punishing us; God just created a law to stop us from flying out into space and so that the air that we breathe wouldn’t flow out into space as well, and so life on Earth could be supported. So it’s a loving law. But if we go up the top of a twenty storey building and we step off the edge, there is now a very high likelihood we will die. And God is still not punishing us: the law just has its operation and as long as I know a different law that it can overcome the lower law, then I do not need to succumb to the operation of the lower law. So if I have wings and I jump off the building or if I have a parachute and jump off the building, then everything might be pretty safe; but if I have none of those things that engage the Law of Aerodynamics, then the Law of Gravity will have its effect.


Now it’s exactly the same with all of God’s Laws. There are lower laws that are overcome by higher laws and the very highest laws are the laws about God’s Love – the next highest laws are the laws about human love –  and these laws, instead of operating just upon the physical body or the spirit body, operate upon the soul. So we need to understand what the soul is so that we understand how the laws operate. But before we proceed with that, does everyone understand so far that God is an entity who is infinite who has qualities, attributes and personality and who has created laws by which we exist?

4.  We can discover God through personal experience



Now I have gone into a lot of detail about the laws in previous talks (such as in “God’s Laws: An Introduction”) and into a lot of detail about God’s character and attributes, but what I’m saying to you is that there is a way that you can discover all of these things. You don’t have to believe what somebody tells you; you need to go through a process of experiencing it yourself. What I would like to describe to you next is how to experience God but to do that we need to understand ourselves. I need to talk to you a bit about the human soul and that will be a separate discussion and then what we’ll do is we’ll merge the two discussions. Then we’ll end up with how we can communicate with God and receive all of these truths about God and also we’ll know how to experience God’s Love as well.

Like everything God has done, there are complexities but God has made the universe in such a way that even a little child can understand how to connect to God. The reason why God made it this way was so that each of us, even from a very small age, can begin this relationship with God. And wouldn’t you – if you were a loving person – wouldn’t you have designed it the same way? Most people on the Earth believe that God is very removed from them but that is only our opinion, it’s not God’s. God has created a way where we can be very

close to God at all times but to understand how, we need to understand the very basic principles about connecting with God.


One of these very basic principles is that God is an entity, a real being; and while God has energy, God is not energy itself. Energy is an attribute or characteristic of God and God also has love, but love isn’t God itself. Love is an emotion that God has towards all of God’s creations and while God is truth, truth is not God. In other words truth is an attribute or a characteristic that God has so you could say truth and love are a part of God’s personality.


It’s very similar with yourself when you think about it: you are not love but love can exist in you. Love is an attribute or a quality, or an emotion that you have. Some people have very little of it and some people have a lot more of it and so they can share more of it. It’s the same with every one of our attributes and qualities. The quality doesn’t define the person because the person can exist without the quality. The person is still an individual and they are capable of having those qualities; they are capable of having those emotions. They are capable of discovering more truth but it doesn’t mean that truth is them; they gain the truth through experience. And it doesn’t mean love is them; they can become more loving through the experience. Can you see that we can exist without having certain qualities that other people have?


Now God has some qualities that you do not have and you have some qualities that God does not have. For example, God does not have any anger in Him. Do you get angry? God does not get angry, so God does not have the quality of anger in Him. But God did create the possibility of you also having anger and how God created that possibility was by giving you free will and you could use your will in any direction, even out of harmony with love.

4.1.  Erroneous beliefs in Buddhism


Participant Male:

Tibetan Buddhism and the divinities have both characteristics; there’s the angry one and the loving one.



Yes, and I’m saying that this is a fiction based upon man’s ideas of God and not what God actually is. The reality is that God does not need to have negative qualities and in fact God has none. But many people on Earth have come up with this concept that God has yin and yang that are opposite; and also badness and goodness that are opposite.


Participant Male:

It’s about a culture that probably had the highest access to consciousness.



Yes I know that the Buddhists believe this but if I can explain in more detail about why they believe this: in two thousand years I’ve managed to – as you could imagine – visit many religions and over this period of time I have analysed many of these religions in terms of why they have certain beliefs about God that I know, through my relationship with God, do not exist. It’s very important for us to understand that most of religious thought on this planet has been the creation of man thinking instead of connecting with God and asking God about Herself.


What happened when the original Buddhist religion was created, they began with the assumption that there is no entity of God. They believed that we were all fragments of a single God that split into many parts and by releasing desire – they believe – you could eventually become at one with all of those parts. But this is a very damaging belief to your future existence because God created desire as a primary way through which you would experience God. The more you detune from desire, the more you are actually detuning from God and this then prevents a true relationship with the entity of God.


Other Buddhists have now included an entity of God in their belief. The reason why they did this was because they could feel God sometimes and they felt God as something outside of themselves and they felt love entering themselves from God. So they began to see that there is actually an entity of God and there is a way to connect to God. They found when they meditated and put themselves in a state that they felt more of God then and they started to believe from that process that that was the way to connect to God. There were certain things that were true about that but also certain things that were false.

4.2.  God created us to experience love and desires



The reality is that God created us to experience life. There are two or three primary things that we want to experience from life: the first thing we want to experience from life is love, the second thing we’d like to experience from life is desires being fulfilled. This is why many of us go around the Earth trying to have all of our desires met. God created the potential for our desire to be either positive or negative when it comes to love. If our desire is harmonious with love then it automatically corresponds with God’s Laws. Every desire we have in harmony with love meets the requirements of God’s Laws and so therefore will be fulfilled, and every desire that is out of harmony with love, because it’s against God’s Laws, it will never be fulfilled.

Loving desires will always be fulfilled because they are in harmony with God’s Laws


Because many people could see that inside of the average human there are sometimes desires in harmony and sometimes desires out of harmony with love, then they started thinking that if we had no desire we might be able to connect with God better. But to connect to God better we only need to remove the desires that are out of harmony with love; any desire in harmony with love will be honoured.

4.3.  How Jesus discovered God


Participant Female:

You say that you’re not a representative of God?



That’s correct.


Participant Female:

How does this connection with God occur? And how many lives have you had during those two thousand years?



Firstly, I’ll answer the second question first. In two thousand years I have had one life: it began two thousand years ago and it hasn’t stopped yet. Through that experience I have lots and lots of memories, just like you have

memories, and that’s how I know who I am because of those memories; just like that’s how you know who you are. Of course I’m not asking you to believe me about those memories because they are mine and they can never be yours but I can answer questions about those memories if a person wants to know.


In terms of the actual connection with God, I had to discover personally through my desire for God those truths about God. A part of my nature – which also includes Mary’s nature – is that I was always fascinated about God and always fascinated about the universe. And so what I did was I made this conscious choice or decision in the first century to focus my whole life on learning about God rather than learning about anything else and in doing that I discovered things that most people never finished up discovering. It’s just like a person who’s interested in flight wants to spend all of their time discovering flight and those people learn more things than other people do about flight. So it’s the same for me with God.


My desire for God drove a thirst for knowledge about God and I used basic assumptions in the beginning that I could use as a basis for working with God in this relationship. One of the basic assumptions I made was that God knows everything. Another basic assumption I made was that God created me and you and everyone else and a third assumption I made was that if God created me and God was loving, then God would desire to give me knowledge and give me truth and in particular to give me love. And then what I did was I created a series of experiments that enabled me, using those three basic things as my foundation, to try to discover more about God.


One of the very first things I wanted to discover about God was whether God was a punishing God or not because in the first century everybody around me believed that God was punishing if we did bad things. So I wanted to know whether this was true or not, and of course there were other things I wanted to know, but I felt that if I knew whether God was punishing or not, then I could make one basic assumption about God. So there was one basic thing I needed to know: whether God was loving or not because I felt if God was not loving there was no point in connecting with God. I also used that to determine an even more important question for me, and that was: did God exist or not? And the way I decided to engage that process was I decided that if I could feel love from God by asking for it, then that would prove to me that God existed so one of the very first experiments that I made was to have a longing in my heart for God!


The reason I decided it had to be a longing in my heart was because I noticed relationships around me and it was only when people felt each other that they actually felt any joy or love. So I decided that if I was going to have a relationship with God I would have to feel an emotion from God rather than just thinking God existed. And so I decided to try this experiment by having a desire in my heart, starting from the desire for love to come from  God that I didn’t know existed or not at that point. The very first time I did that, I was overwhelmed by the love that came to me. I was so overwhelmed that I was crying. I was very small, I was around seven years of age and as a result I realised God does exist and God had love to give me.

Once I realised that I realised also that God had many other things to give me as long as I knew how to ask for them. I call that prayer, which is very different to meditation, a very different process. Prayer is a desire for something whereas meditation is a release of desire – it’s almost the opposite. What I realised was that as long as my desires were in harmony with love, they would always be fulfilled. But it wasn’t my definition of love, I had to come to terms with what is God’s definition of love, and that was very different to what I thought or what people around me thought love was.


Once I engaged my desire for love and I focussed on this with God, I started receiving other things from God and what I realised was that as my soul grew in love, because I received love from God and it entered me, this love transformed me, so that I could understand new things that I didn’t understand before. Once I understood that, I realised that a lack of love was preventing me from understanding more and then I was very, very focussed – as you can imagine – on receiving more love and as I received some more love, I got to a point where I could hardly receive any more; it sort of stopped. Then I went, “God’s infinite. God has infinite love so why has the love stopped flowing into me?” And that’s when I started to discover the link between love and truth.


What I realised was that while I held on to something I believed was true that wasn’t actually true, the love would eventually stop flowing and so I realised that it was also very important for me to also work on discovering new truth, not just receiving the love, and I had to bring myself to conform to this new truth rather than holding on to my own conception of truth. Once I understood that, I started to receive love again, and this told me that I was working in the right direction and what I learned from that was that as long as I work in the right direction, I will continue to receive love. As soon as I work in the wrong direction then love would not be available and it wouldn’t be available: not because God didn’t want to give it, but rather because I was not in a place to receive it and that’s what I came to terms with.


In the first century this process began and I started receiving more love and then I started to understand more truth and through these particular two things, love and truth, I discovered many more things about the universe. As this development increased, I began to see and talk to the people who had died before me and I started having discussions with those people. We started talking about all the different truths they had learned and this relationship that I discovered that many of them had not yet learned the link between love and truth and then they decided they would embrace the same process and they finished up receiving the same truths, without me telling them what the truths were. So somebody else told them what the truths were ‒ God, through the relationship.


Through these experiments I came to see these basic principles, which I’ve been sharing with people ever since. Every person who’s ever tried them has gone through the same kinds of experiences and they keep growing in this love; there’s more love coming to them, from God to them and in this process I also finished up discovering more truth and of course when you discover more truth you want to share it. But it’s important to understand that even though this truth has been discovered it doesn’t mean that I am better than anyone else because the discovery of truth is something between you and God; there is no person in between you and God.

4.4.  God desires a relationship with all of Her children



God wants a relationship with all of Her children, not just one child and then all the other children. God wants a relationship with each of us to the same degree, to the same strength, to the same intimacy. This is very important to understand as a basic thing about God: God does not set up special people because to God every single one of us is special. In fact every single one of us has a unique attribute of God that is not in other people, and God has created a desire within us to discover those attributes and live them. When you live them, you will become famous to everyone else because without them meeting you they will never get to know a certain part of God, and this is a very beautiful thing God has done. Each of us is important in understanding each other because as we understand each other, we begin to understand more of God’s infinite nature.

4.5. Pain and suffering are man’s creations, not God’s


Participant Female:

If God only gives loving desires, how can you explain wars and atrocities?



Yes, very easily. I didn’t say that God only gives loving desires; I said that it’s only the desires that are in harmony with love that actually agree with God’s Laws. God gave you free will, which means you can have unloving desires. If you have unloving desires, those desires will result in breaking God’s Laws and every one of the laws has a penalty for breaking. We have complete free will to decide whatever we wish, but we need to understand there is a consequence to the decision. Whenever I act out of harmony with love, the consequence will be pain and suffering. Whenever I act in harmony with love the consequence will always be joy and happiness. Now mankind has chosen to use his will in a way that is out of harmony with love; almost all people on the Earth do this. As a result of that we are all participating in the creation of painful consequences and all  we need to do to change that is to change and choose to do things in harmony with love.


In the spirit world the eighth dimension and above is called the Celestial heavens, and in that location there are no people who actually have any desires that are out of harmony with love. As a result in that location there are no wars, there is no suffering, there is no pain, there is no disease; there are none of these things and so we need to understand as humanity that the pain and suffering we see are the direct results of our own creation. Many of the people who think they are loving are unfortunately not being loving. For example many people in the Western world who believe they are loving are willing to see the rape of other countries, and in raping these other countries they cause a lot of suffering and any country that believes itself to be loving while at the same time causing suffering is obviously not loving.


God created this feedback system: when we have pain and suffering it tells us that something is going on that is out of harmony with love; when everybody involved has joy then that tells us that something was in harmony with love and if one person is happy doing something to another that makes the other person sad, then the person who’s happy needs to ask themselves whether they are doing it in harmony with love. A lot of times we believe we are in harmony with love but at the same time we cause suffering in other people and we need to be far more analytical of ourselves. We need to see the truth about ourselves and what we create. This is the reason why there is suffering on the planet ‒ because mankind and womankind on the planet exercise their desires out of harmony with love – and as we do this there is naturally going to be pain and suffering.


Participant Female:

But what happens to the victims?



It’s a very good question. Remember that everything God has done to the human soul is eternal. The first thing that the person who is the abuser needs to do is to see that by his actions a victim has been created. The second thing that needs to occur is that both the abuser and the victim need to examine how this event occurred. Sometimes victims are willing victims and other times they are unwilling victims. Obviously what happens to a victim who’s willing is different to what happens to a victim who’s unwilling. Now in God’s Universe we are eternal beings so we need to understand that every experience is a short term experience. We also need to understand that death is not a problem but what is a problem is suffering. We want to start to see our suffering, not only our own but others, and to see our suffering as a result of the choices that we and others are making.


We need to stop assuming that wickedness needs to be a part of our society. Many of us have come to accept that badness is a part of our society but it doesn’t need to be this way. It could be different if we decided to act differently. Every victim that has been created has not only been created just by the abuser but also by the general viewpoint in society that there are victims and abusers. Much of society accepts what happens to a victim rather than trying to make it better for the victim and we see this in the laws that we’ve created on the planet; how the victim is not honoured. But in the long run God does honour every victim and God’s Laws all surround supporting the victim. When you arrive in the spirit world as a victim, all of God’s Laws help you go through the process of recovery and in fact in the spirit world victims are given a lot more assistance, and so there is a correction of the badness that occurred on Earth.


What we would like to see is that the badness is corrected on Earth rather than when the person gets to the spirit world. The way for that to happen is that every person on Earth needs to become more loving and that is achievable but many of us do not believe it is achievable and that contributes to the problem.

4.6.  What happens when we die


Participant Female:

Your logical reasoning is perfect; very well developed (laughter). I want to compliment you on what you have answered. Since there are theories that use logical reasoning, a person can reincarnate like the Llamas and the science of past lives. There is another theory that says you don’t have to reincarnate but you can achieve a certain level of vibration where you can exchange your body, which is a way of having one life too. In what condition were you able to have only one life because I only want to only have one life too and I want to know how? I long for God’s Love and that’s my objective and I want this connection.



Very good! Let’s enlarge on that a bit. There are many theories on Earth about what happens after you die. Some religions believe that when you die you either go to hell or to heaven and the people who go to hell can never get to heaven. There are other people who die who believe that you can come back again almost immediately and have this never ending cycle of life, which they call reincarnation. They believe that this is necessary for their development in love to improve, but it is not. None of these beliefs are true, which is interesting because we often come up with beliefs that later we find have all sorts of problems with them.


What I would like to do tomorrow in the discussion on “The Truth About ‒ Reincarnation and Spirits” is go through many of these beliefs and look at how they are not true and what is the truth but before we begin that discussion we need to understand the human soul itself because once we understand the human soul we understand what it’s capable of doing. It’s no good coming up with ideas of what it might be capable of doing when it’s not capable of doing it, so we need to establish what the human soul is actually capable of, and once we’ve established what it’s capable of doing, we can then go through and answer many of the questions about our future existence.


But briefly, there is no need for any single person to ever come back to Earth. You can reach a stage in your development of love – what you call vibration is what I call development in love – you can reach a development of love where you can choose to come back if you desire. The truth is that many of you will not desire it. You can continue to progress beyond that condition without coming to Earth so there is no need to reincarnate over and over again. There is also the truth that if you pass over in a very bad condition of love, you’ll pass into areas of the spirit world that are very dark and unpleasant but you will not ever have to stay there because anybody can grow from any condition of love to a new condition of love. That’s how God designed the universe, which is very loving when you think about it.


But many of us believe that there is punishment involved somehow and many of us believe this because we’ve punished our children. We think when we’re punishing our children that we’re being loving to them without understanding that this is not a loving act. God does not engage in the punishment of children and we are all God’s children. One more thing though, also if you think about it, we as God’s children need correction and that’s the purpose of God’s Laws; to correct us, or to train us like to learn how to be disciples or disciplined. The word disciple comes from the word discipline, and that’s about showing someone the right way, not belting them or punishing them for the wrong ways.

Participant Female:

Tomorrow you are going to show her the right way because she is not going to give up on that question.



It’s a very important question and I feel for many people on Earth, because when we believe falsehood it actually causes us to have more trauma and trouble, even in our life after we’ve passed so it’s a very important

question to resolve. We want to make choices and decisions that don’t cause us future problems, and there are many spirits in the spirit world who are trying to reincarnate when they do not have to. We’ll discuss that in tomorrow’s talk on “The Truth About ‒ Reincarnation and Spirits”.

5.  Closing Words



Let’s have a break for 15 minutes, and then we’ll return to discuss “The Truth About ‒ The Human Soul”.