The Truth About Reincarnation and Spirits – session 2



What we’re going to do now is ‒ Mary will be channelling questions from Chico. If you can just forego your  own questions for a while, we will be able to have a very concise presentation about reincarnation and Chico can ask questions that he has had for many years. In most cases it will cover many of your own questions.

We’re going to be talking about “The Truth About ‒ Reincarnation”.

1. The process of incarnation



To understand reincarnation we must first understand incarnation. The word reincarnation implies that it’s happening again; we need to go back to when it happened the first time so that we understand what exactly happens. This is what happens. Remember in the talk yesterday, “The Truth About ‒ The Human Soul,” I described that God, who has masculine and feminine qualities, created many billions of souls, all of whom have masculine and feminine qualities. But the condition of these souls is such that they have no experience when they are first created. They have no self awareness, they have no understanding of their free will and they are yet to understand themselves and the reason they incarnate is to gain these things. During the process of incarnation they gain experience, they gain an awareness of their own personality, they begin to understand how to use their own free will and during this process they finish up coming to a more complete understanding of themselves.


To do this they must incarnate, they must come to earth and begin an experience. So the process of incarnation is to give this experience and they come to earth first because God created a human couple to be able to have sex in order to have a child. When they engage in sexual intercourse a child is conceived. At the moment of conception there are actually two bodies created, one body is a physical body and one body is a spirit body, and one half of the soul connects to those bodies. That is the process of the incarnation.

Incarnation occurs when a half soul attaches to a spirit body (SB) and physical body (PB)
that have been created by a couple having sex on earth


As soon as the connection of the soul and the bodies is made, from that moment, the child is experiencing. This connection happens a few moments after conception, and most women can actually feel when they are pregnant at that moment. The reason they can feel it is that they can feel the new child now surrounding them, and that is the soul of the new child connecting to the bodies that have been created.


Each body has a genetic code but each body is only a physiological system for the soul to express itself. The bodies are not the real person; the real person is the soul. The bodies are just a way in which the real person interacts with the world or the universe. The physical body is the way the body reacts with the physical universe and the spirit body is the way the soul interacts with the spirit world or I should say the spiritual universe. In the spirit world there are many universes that increase in love and therefore the spirit body grows in its expression of love.


But everything is dependent upon the soul. The soul is the real you, but it’s only a half of the real you. Every person sitting here and every person who’s in the spirit world listening to this is only one half of the real self. The other half of the real self is your soulmate and that person has their connection to their own soul and these two halves of the soul are always in connection with each other, even if the people who are living cannot feel it.

The two halves of the soul each have spirit bodies (SB) and physical bodies (PB),
and are always in connection with each other


Mary (Chico):

Is this also the same when you are in the spirit world?



Yes it is exactly the same, with one exception: in the spirit world the physical body no longer remains connected since the physical body has died. When the physical body dies it just becomes of the elements of the universe through a process of decay. But as for the rest of our existence it’s identical.

In the spirit world only the spirit bodies are attached to the soul

Mary (Chico):

So this part of incarnation is to become self aware?





Mary (Chico):

Does this finish when we pass to the spirit world?



No, it will continue for the rest of your existence. However there are certain milestones in your awareness that will occur. These are very important times that occur in the progression that will become a part of your future life and without these particular milestones being achieved further development cannot happen.

1.1.  Soul progression through the spheres of the spirit world



One of these milestones is becoming aware of God, and through the first seven dimensions of existence a spirit will eventually become aware of God. If that spirit then engages in a relationship with God they can make the transition between the seventh and the eighth dimension. In the first century I called that transition becoming at- one with God. Once a person becomes at-one with God they are able to continue to grow, but growth in the seventh dimension and above is not possible without God.


This is the very first incarnation that every person goes through. It is important to understand though, that progression is possible without losing your physical body. You can progress while you’re on earth or in the spirit world. You do not need to leave the physical life in order to progress through these dimensional existences. And as you progress through these physical existences you will become aware of them even if you’re in the physical life, and so then it becomes easy for you to converse with people who are living in those particular locations. Chico, when he was on earth, communicated with some of these people in these different locations, as do many other mediums that you have heard.


Now what I’m describing is our progression, not our death. Remember that death is the action of us really not progressing to the right extent, and what I mean by that is that death occurs because of the degradation of our soul. For many people, dying is not due to the degradation of their own soul, but rather the conditions that surround their soul. For example a young child may die for a different reason than an older person dies. But if a person grows to an older age, the only reason they start getting sick and die is their soul condition, and this specifically relates to their condition in love from God’s viewpoint; not from their own viewpoint.


There are two ways that we can progress in love, and as we progress in love using one of these two ways, we will eventually transfer or go through different dimensional existences. If we progress without God and without a personal connection with God then we will be limited in progress to the sixth dimension of the spirit world. From then on our life experience becomes lateral. In other words we start experiencing many things without actually growing in love. To continue growing in love beyond the sixth dimension and to make that transition between the seventh and eighth dimension, which is actually called becoming at-one with God, you have to actually have a personal relationship with God.


Then we can continue to progress up until the 36th dimension, that I am personally aware of. There are many unique transitions between each of the dimensions, but between the thirty-fifth dimension and thirty-sixth dimension there is a special unique dimensional transition because it involves the two halves of the soul making the transition together. All of the other transitions up until this dimension can be made by one half of the soul alone, but the particular transition that occurs between the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth dimensions cannot occur unless both parts of the soul do it together.

The different dimensions in the spirit world, of which there are currently 36, are separated by boundaries of love


At this point in time the soul becomes a complete unit again and you can say that there is a completion of the incarnation process. Once the soul is in the state of completion of the incarnation process it no longer needs the spirit body that was connected to it because the soul is now combined, and as a result it can now experience the universes without needing bodies. Once it obtains that condition it is possible to reincarnate and it will remember all of the processes of gaining that condition. In other words, unlike the teaching of reincarnation currently on earth where most people are taught that they will not remember their previous life, this soul remembers every single second of its life. Once we have obtained this condition we can describe the process of reincarnation.

2.  Channelling with Chico Xavier about progression in the spirit world


Mary (Chico):

So I wish to thank you for this very informative knowledge, answering many questions. In my life I had very many encounters with spirits from the spirit world and in fact I often felt more at home and at peace with these brothers and sisters in spirit than I did with others here on earth. It was from them that I learnt a great many things and in fact without them I would feel that I would have been a lost man. It was from them that I believed that I understood the importance of love, and I can see from your discussion with Gloria and others that they often loaned me energy so that I could visit their homes in the spirit world. I had no idea however that so many worlds exist in the spirit world and I can see that for the time that I have now been in the spirit world myself, much of my confusion has come because I did not even go to the homes that I visited when I was on earth with my spirit friends. I found myself in a condition that was somewhat darker than this and I would like to ask where I was and why was I in this place?



This is something that happens to many people who are mediums on earth. They believe that because they share in experiences with spirits who are more developed than themselves it means that they themselves are well developed, and this is not the case. The reality is that many times the mediums, because of the associations with spirits and also their own unhealed emotional condition that exist while on earth, chose to do things while on earth that created their own arrogance and this caused a darkening of their condition. Many mediums when they pass over into the spirit world find that their own condition is quite dark in comparison to what they expected.


Mary (Chico):

I wish to give you my respect at this time for I can see that you have understood far more than I, and indeed I am still spending much of my time attempting to assist those on earth to gain knowledge which I thought was true. I have continued to consider myself a medium, only in this case I communicate now with those on earth and I attempt to communicate with others around me but have found this somewhat limited. Does this relate to what you say about my emotional condition?



Yes, it completely relates to what I would call the soul condition, which is an amalgamation of the emotions and your beliefs. The beliefs create limiting constructs upon the soul and cause the soul to shrink in its capacity.  This is always the effect of error-based beliefs. It also creates restrictions upon the emotional capacity of the individual where they believe they are being loving, when the reality is that from God’s perspective they are not, and this is a very important thing to understand in the spirit world if you wish to progress.


It is God’s definition of love that we must finish up finding and then, when we find God’s definition of love and practice it, we can then progress quite rapidly. But unfortunately many of us have become very hardened to God’s perspective and we believe that what we think is right, is actually right. Often what we think is loving is actually quite unloving. Now when we are a spirit in the spirit world we are able to see the dark condition of our own spirit body and therefore see the effects of our own unloving condition. Any person who is brighter than  me is automatically in a much better condition of love than me and this is something for you to be aware of because they are the person from whom you can learn.


Mary (Chico):

Thank you. I see that I myself have been experimenting with many issues since I passed here. As I said I had thought that I would go to a home similar to those that I visited when I was still on earth. There were many lessons that I learnt from those ones who visited me and took me to their homes, and I have learnt that when I focus myself on the lessons about love that they taught me that my body becomes lighter.

2.1.                Characteristics of the natural love path



However, if I can address something with you about that? What happens is that you have been progressing on what I would call the natural love path. This kind of progress has limitations when you hit the sixth dimension of the spirit world. It requires using the intellect to act more loving and to remove from ourselves the unloving speech and actions that we take through the force of our own will. However it does not address the reasons why we are unloving in our soul. In other words I have to modify my own condition of love through the force of my will and I change my actions depending on how I use my will. This will cause me to progress but very slowly and sometimes I will have emotions come up that cause me to seemingly regress, and you have observed this.


Mary (Chico):

Yes, this is what I wish to ask you about so you have assisted me somewhat already.



If I can explain to you the other form of progression, you will understand better how quickly a person can progress. The natural love path of progression, which you have been doing, is very self reliant and requires a force of will. It requires a changing of actions by using your intellect and you use your intellect to become more loving. This is a very slow way of progressing. The reason why it’s so slow is that inside of the soul there are feelings pulling you towards unloving behaviour and you have to overcome those feelings and force your will to do something other than you feel.

The Natural Love Path


Mary (Chico):

And I can see now from what you explain that my problem has been that I have not known of the soul. So I have just seen my spirit body as myself and I have been acting in ways to cause brightness. But at other times I take other actions which make me dark and I did not understand this; I thought I must continue to change my actions. I am intrigued that there may be a different way.

2.2.   Growing in love on the Divine Love Path



Yes, it is very important to understand this different way but to understand it we need to understand the soul itself. The soul is a container primarily of emotions and if these emotions have any hurt or fear-based feelings associated with them then we will feel drawn into acting in an unloving manner. This happens automatically without us even thinking.


Now it would make sense that if we could remove these unloving emotions that are the seed of our unloving actions then we would no longer need to try to be loving because the actual cause of the unloving behaviour has gone. This is what most people do not realise on earth; they feel that they can try to be more loving while at the same time having unloving desires. But it is far more effective to remove the unloving desire and then only loving actions are left.



He’s crying. He asks, why is he crying?



The tears that you experience are related to the emotion of repentance. When we begin to acknowledge our soul for the first time, we realise that we have suppressed our soul for most of our life, and we have huge amounts of grief about that, that we need to allow ourselves to experience. The beauty of experiencing this grief is that it flows out of us and that allows our spirit body and therefore our body and even our soul to progress. But most people on earth look down upon such emotion and so they never engage that process while on earth. They also resist the process when they pass over into the spirit world. There is even more though that we need to understand about the soul and this is the amazing thing about the soul that most people on earth have never experienced.


God desires a personal relationship with each one of Her children, and if the soul of each one of her children exercised their will to desire this relationship and long for God’s Love to enter them, then this creates an openness in the soul of the person and God’s Love can flow into the person. This is called the Divine Love Path of progression and in the first century I called it the “Way”. The reason why I called it the Way is that it is the way God designed for us to have a relationship with God.


Once we begin receiving Divine Love, as we become aware and repentant for our unloving course of action, we can release the emotions associated with the unloving course of action. God’s Love heals us of these particular problems and we become incapable of acting in an unloving manner. Instead of having to try intellectually to be loving, we have become loving through this interaction and relationship with God and through our own repentance and humility. I call this process the Divine Love Path.


This path of progression is infinite and does not cease at the sixth dimension. As far as I am aware it continues forever and as we progress further and further along that path we become closer and closer and closer to God’s nature. God is still a separate entity to ourselves but we approach God’s beautiful expression of love. During this path of course we also meet the other half of our soul. The other half embraces the same process as ourselves and we can re-amalgamate with our soulmate in a condition of extreme brightness and love. That is the completion of the incarnation process.


Now that completion is not possible if we follow this intellectual path and it’s not possible if we force our will to change the unloving behaviour. It’s only possible through a process of feeling our emotions and having humility, a desire for truth and a desire to feel everything that is in error. If we follow that path we have this beautiful future of everlasting growth. If we follow the natural love path we are limited in our growth. So it is not about religion, it’s not about belief systems, instead it’s all about love and how loving we become. We can retain belief systems and as long as those belief systems are loving can continue to progress. But it cannot be our definition of love; it is only God’s definition of love.


Now I haven’t yet explained re-incarnation, I’ve only explained the process of the very first incarnation. Are there any questions you have about that process before I proceed with reincarnation?


Mary (Chico):

I have understood many things and I have understood suddenly that there are many seeds of bitterness inside of my soul that I have avoided through my beautiful relationships with spirits and with the Brazilian people. I had thought that I could grow in my love whilst still avoiding these things, but I suddenly realise that my capacity to love these ones will be far greater if I heal these things. So I thank you.



It’s my pleasure. The interesting thing too is that it will not require such a strong force of will. Once these seeds of unloving behaviour are removed then you’ll automatically be more loving. It’s almost like a relief. This is the trouble with many religions on earth; they believe that they can force the will without changing the real cause

within the individual as to why they are unloving. And so they make a heap of laws, but all these laws are just ways to avoid the underlying emotion that is still present. These religious laws become firmly entrenched and the people practising these religions believe they are becoming more loving while the seed of their unloving behaviour remains within them. It’s a very important thing to understand.


The second – and I feel even more important – thing to understand is that you can engage this process with God through repentance, and allow the sincere feelings of sorrow to become present and receive Divine Love. That process will transform the soul. Once your soul is transformed to the extent that it can be and your soulmate engages this same process too, then you can also have the beautiful future of merging with your own mate in a fully conscious state.


When the incarnation process began, you were not conscious of your own relationship with your mate but by the time the incarnation process completes you are fully conscious of your relationship with your mate. Historically no one on earth has ever experienced that state, but we hope in the future to demonstrate that state on earth. But that is all the incarnation process and not the reincarnation process. So what I’d like to describe is the re- incarnation process.

3.  The process of reincarnation



Once the soul merges in a state called the soul union state, it is possible to reincarnate, although the way this occurs is different to what people on earth imagine. Now we have the soul in the soul union.


Now we have some parents that are living on earth; these people can be in their first incarnation or any incarnation. These people have sex with each other and create a child just as before. The child that is created of course has two bodies, a physical body and a spirit body, exactly the same as before as if it was in your first incarnation. The reason why it occurs this way is that sexual union automatically creates two bodies – the spirit body and the material body – every time


Mary (Chico):

When conception occurs or every time you have sex?



When conception occurs. Every time you have sex, conception may not occur but when conception does occur then two bodies are created genetically and you as a spirit can actually examine the creation of both bodies.

When a couple have sex and conception occurs, a spirit body (SB)
and physical body (PB) are automatically generated


Now one half of the soul in the soul union condition is able to remain in its current state, and the half can connect to that body without incarnating. These two bodies that the soul connects to, have their own brain and their own mind. The brain is in the physical body and the mind is in the spirit body.

Reincarnation occurs when half of a soul in the soul union state in the 36th sphere
connects to a spirit body (SB) and a physical body (PB)

The spirit and physical bodies have never experienced life, just like they have never experienced life during incarnation. Remember it’s the connection of the soul that maintains the life of those bodies. The soul in the  soul union condition in the 36th sphere is able to maintain the life of both of those bodies without having to come to earth to connect to a body.

3.1.  Love is the only reason to reincarnate



My question from many of the spirits is, “Why? We understood that with the first incarnation it’s about becoming aware. Why do this again?”



“Why” is the most important question. There is only one reason why ‒ to be able to express more love to the world and the lowest sphere environment. This is the only reason a person would reincarnate. And the reincarnated person will also have many things to address and deal with, because the mind of their spirit body is not able to prevent the absorption of more negative emotion. So for this soul to maintain a connection with the body it must be open to emotions coming back into the soul that are less than its own condition. This is an act of love in itself. Then as a result, this soul will have to go through a process of releasing more emotions and this will be much more painful than what it experienced in the first incarnation, because the difference in connection between where the soul exists and the earth is thirty-five dimensions and therefore thirty-five different improvements in love. As a result the soul of this person will go through extreme pain.



Do they have to do this?



They do not have to do it to progress and there is only one reason why they would do it and that is to come down to earth and express their love again. That is the only reason they would do it. In addition, the mind of the spirit body is a completely new mind. It has no memory of this soul’s experience and therefore in order for this reincarnated person now to progress, this mind needs to be open to this soul’s experience. That is controlled by

the will of the soul and this is a very psychologically difficult process. At this stage only one person has begun that process properly and at this stage there are only seven complete souls who have gone through this process, and they have not completed it; it is just an experiment.

The first person to reincarnate (Jesus) from the 36th sphere
to the first sphere on earth, in order to teach love, did so in 1962


The first person to reincarnate did it in 1962 and since then over a period of thirty years a few others have done it. All of them are going through extreme psychological distress but once they clear through that distress, their own soul will connect with them completely and you’ll see the connection reflected in their spirit and physical bodies.

4.  Reasons people believe that they are reincarnated



There are two groups of spirits. Chico and Gloria’s group feel a lot of gratitude; they’re very happy and they’re dealing with what you’ve said. But now there are all these other spirits asking how do you explain their experience?



This is a very important question to resolve because there are reasons why people on earth do believe in reincarnation. However they do not understand why there are feelings of reincarnation without the knowledge of this process, and I can explain the reasons why to them.


When we incarnate onto earth we are a half of a soul connected to the physical body and the spirit body. Surrounding us is a whole set of emotional and environmental conditions. This causes the Law of Attraction to operate and causes people who are in the spirit world, who are what is classified as “earthbound”, to be attracted to associate with the soul. But they do not know of the soul’s existence so instead they connect to the spirit body of the person – remember that the spirit body of the person has the mind, and the brain is in the physical body. As these spirits connect, they transmit information. Many of them are just trying to transmit information about themselves; they want to have a relationship and they are telling this person about themselves. And then as they are telling this person on earth about themselves the person on earth begins to believe that the information is about themself rather than about the spirits who are over-cloaking them or with them. If the person on earth continues in this belief, then these earthbound spirits can transmit more and more information and this causes

the person on earth to believe that they are those people, spirits. This establishes a very close bond between the spirit and the person on earth, and this is what is happening and this is why many people believe they are reincarnated.


Now because many different spirits can come and connect in this way, the person begins to believe they are many different persons from the past when the reality is that spirits are just talking to them. Interestingly the truth is far more simple than the subsequent explanation of reincarnation.

Earthbound spirits give information to the minds of people’s spirit bodies (SB), making the person believe that they are reincarnated


This is the main reason why many people on earth believe in reincarnation. And because of the different addictions of the individual on earth; such as a desire to be special, a desire to be acknowledged, a desire to being known, the person then allows this information to become a part of their life. If the person instead communicated with the spirits and asked questions of them, they would soon find out that these spirits that they are talking to had nothing to do with their own life, aside from the fact that the person attracted them. At some point we would like to describe how they attracted them.


Now many in the audience are becoming very restless. The reason why is that your soul is having some kind of response to the information I’ve given you and the spirits with you are very concerned about this information, because the spirits with you know that if you know about this you’ll be much more aware of their control over you. They also know that if you become more aware then you’ll probably want less association with them, and the only way they can gain satisfaction in their current life is by having this connection with you. They want you to be very, very questioning about what I am teaching. This is why it’s very good to involve our spirit friends in this discussion because they can see the truth of what is happening as they have been involved in it from the other side.


Now many of them then worry that they will be punished in some way but the reality is that God does not punish anyone. However there is a penalty for breaking any of God’s Laws and in particular there is a feeling in the soul that is created when we break the laws of love. If I have been a person who’s been influencing another person without their knowledge, then it would make sense that I would at some point need to feel some sorrow about that decision because I have been attempting to control the other person and prevent them from having their own life. All the spirits need to do is allow themselves to feel the grief that exists within their own soul as to why they chose to over-cloak the people on earth. Once they feel that grief, they can grow in the spirit world and be in a much happier place, and then they will not need to worry about the earth so much. They will let people on the earth live their own lives without being pushed around all the time by the spirits.

5.  The process of working through emotions


Participant Male:

Since college, I’ve chosen a field of work that focuses a lot on emotions and feelings. During my work I have been experiencing what you have been explaining about the freeing feeling of when you release your emotions. I’ve also observed that it’s not easy to help people during this process and many times it’s hard for me to go to get help from people. Some of the reasons are pride, the ego and such things. I’d like to know how we can help ourselves and other people. From listening to you it sounds simple but I’d like some practical direction of how to help.


Participant Female:

How to heal the soul’s wounds.



Firstly can I say it’s simple but not easy? Easy and simple are very different. The main reason it is not easy is that the world in which we live is geared against emotions and in fact most of the time we condemn emotions of certain types, and this of course prevents us being able to feel.


What I would like to do is describe something that we need to understand about emotions. It’s based around one single truth and I stated this truth in the first century many times. I’ve also said it many times in this life and  very few people understand me yet. I said you must become as little children to enter the Kingdom of God. What I meant by that was that a child does not use its intellect in order to experience emotion; the child just has the experience but as adults we judge the child having the experience and we shut the child down from the experience. In addition what we do with the child is then cause it to engage in addictions and these addictions help us personally as adults to overcome our own fears and so the child becomes manipulated into an environment where it is unable to experience its emotions as it would normally do.


The primary part of humility is to become like a little child with your own emotions. That is the basis of all emotional understanding. Without that basic understanding everything that is said about emotions will basically be filtered through the intellect and this intellect stops the emotional expression. It turns it into an impure state and therefore the real emotion never gets released. In addition our addictions cause us to desire only certain emotions and we reject other emotions that we feel are not correct, or emotions that we feel are hard to feel, and this process causes us much damage.


What I would like to do just briefly is outline the process of dealing with emotions. Understand that this is not an intellectual process but rather a process that has to be engaged with your feelings. Initially this takes much practice in order to achieve because we are always wanting to go back to our head and we want to avoid the feeling. So let’s just briefly describe the basic flow of emotion.


It starts with grief. Grief is a much more powerful experience then sadness. It’s extreme expressed sorrow. It is not sadness that is just sitting in yourself that you don’t express; grief is where you are overwhelmed with the emotional experience of sorrow, extreme sadness that is fully expressed. When we do not express it we are just holding on to it and we call ourselves sad but we are actually not releasing the emotion. We must go through a cathartic release in order to heal.


Participant Female:

So it’s not the pain of the world; it’s just your pain?



It’s just your pain and in fact this is a very important point to realise. If you are experiencing the pain of the world, then you’re avoiding your own pain. This kind of emotional pain will be an overwhelming personal

experience. It takes you over completely and after it is complete you feel a sense of wellbeing, and you know that you will never need to experience it again. The emotion has been completely removed from you.


Participant Male:

There are certain cases where catharsis does not solve the problem. Sometimes a person goes through a catharsis, expresses part of this emotion but they do not want to resolve it completely. Sometimes it would be better to help them resolve it if they want to resolve it.

5.1.  Emotional releases are only complete when we accept God’s Truth



The main reason why people do not want to resolve things is because of their fear, and their fear is often present even when they are having cathartic reactions. Unless the fear and the addiction that the fear creates are actually released from the person there is no completion to the catharsis. Also I would like to describe what goes on top of this. Also I would like to say: if we go through a cathartic process without doing a second more important thing, then we will not be healed, and this second more important thing is to emotionally accept God’s Truth about the situation. This is what most people avoid. They want to believe that the emotion they experienced is actually a loving emotion to themselves when, from God’s perspective, it is an unloving emotion.


If I can give you an example: I see many people cry – in huge release – when their partner leaves them. However, if they were in a condition of love they would never cry when anybody leaves them. This is the problem: our definition of love is out of harmony with God’s definition of love and while I hold onto my definition of love, I will refuse to accept God’s definition of love and therefore refuse the healing that comes from God. This is the main reason that most people who have cathartic release are still stuck in the same cycle as before.

5.2.  Layers of emotions within us



Let’s go through the emotion. Grief, this intense emotional experience, is covered over by fear. Fear is the layer that suppresses the intense release. We are afraid of so many things. We’re even afraid of crying in front of another person, we’re afraid of having this intense emotional experience in front of other people who then condemn us or judge us. These are some of the fears that we have. On top of that we have a fear that we might even die if we feel and many other extreme false beliefs, which are now fears.


Before we experience this intense emotional experience we must allow ourselves to experience our fears, but most of us have a huge resistance to feeling our fears. What we do is we create a set of addictions. Our addictions are created because we want to avoid our fear and whenever our addictions do not get met, we get angry. Now unfortunately in many societies even anger is not allowed. We then suppress our anger and we become depressed. The primary purpose of depression is to avoid our rage, which avoids our addiction, suppresses our fear, and prevents us from experiencing the overwhelming intense emotion which will heal us.

Because of this chain of events we then engage in trying to meet our addictions. So if we are lonely for example, we want people to share in our lives and this helps us avoid the intense experience of loneliness. We are so afraid of our loneliness that we create an addiction that other people help us with our loneliness. This is an example of avoiding the underlying feeling of grief, the intense emotional experience.


Now this often happens both on earth and in the spirit world. As a result many spirits pass into the spirit world still with the complete desire still to suppress their intense emotional experience. They have huge levels of fear associated with the possible experience and they try to keep their earth-based hurt experience in the past but when we do that our soul carries it around like a dead weight and it will continue to carry it around as a dead weight until we release it.


Engaging this process is much easier with God than it is without God however as I expressed earlier, it is very important when we do experience this intense experience, that we become open to the truth of our experience. This is where most people fail in their relationship with God. They are unwilling to accept God’s viewpoint about love. For example, in the example I gave earlier about loneliness, the person who wants other people to share in their life and who is avoiding their lonely experience through that sharing will never come to recognise one basic truth from God and that is that you are never alone. The reality from God’s perspective is that they are never alone and if they are unwilling to know that then they can cry over and over again about their loneliness without ever healing it.

6.  Audience questions

6.1.  Who are the fourteen who are reincarnated?


Participant Female:

You said that after you reached the thirty-sixth sphere, in 1962 someone decided to return. You also said that there are seven people at present …





Participant Female:

I imagine that you are one of them. I’d like to know who the other ones are. Also why are you here? Is this related to the earth changes that are being talked about in 2012?



Okay, firstly it is not good for me or loving of me to disclose the identity of others who have returned. This is something they need to do themselves. So while I know the identity of the majority of them, I am not willing to

disclose their identity unless they themselves are willing to do so. It is a very traumatic psychological experience that they need to engage with their own will, and many of them may not engage this process with their own will because they feel the deep pain of the process. In addition, one of the fourteen has already passed. He was murdered one month after he decided to not engage the process and this is what he attracted through his denial of himself. He was the man you know as the Apostle John.

6.2.  Why have you chosen to reincarnate now?



In answer to the second question, which was why I am here? I – and many of the spirits in the spirit world – have been trying for many thousands of years to find out how we could return to earth. This was the soul-based developmental process that we went through. We ourselves had to learn what we could potentially do and through our relationship with God we eventually became developed enough to understand over a period of two thousand years that there was a way for us to return to earth. We knew reincarnation as a teaching to be false because we had observed that nobody historically had reincarnated. If we were going to return to earth, what we had to do was find a way.


Now in the early seventeen hundreds of this last two thousand year period, we knew from the progression of our soul that this soul union condition was possible, but it did not occur for anybody until 1935. So it took us nearly three hundred years to work out how to do it. Once the first couple worked out how to do it, then we could show the other couples how to do the same thing, and that took another period of thirty years or so. Once we had a core group of people who were available to come back to earth we asked each other whether we wanted to do that and all of those first seven couples decided they wanted to try the experiment. This reincarnation process was an experiment, just as many other things that have ever been discovered by people on earth have been an experiment.


The reason we engaged the experiment was that we were finding it very difficult to teach Divine Truth from the condition we were in. The reason is that the condition in the thirty-sixth dimension is very different from the condition in the first dimension, as you can imagine, and so what we were trying to do was work through all of the terrible beliefs that were still on the planet. We found that very difficult because there is a cloud of very dark spirits around the planet and they are heavily influencing the belief systems on the planet. In addition, we thought that if we were present on earth we could begin teaching these principles that we had discovered and being able to do it face to face is much more effective than trying to do it from thirty-six dimensions away.

Teaching the earth Divine Truth when it is 35 dimensions away
is not as easy as teaching by reincarnating


In addition we wanted to help these spirits who are heavily influencing the earth and causing the earth to be unable to grow in its condition. We believed that if we came back to this location we would be able to engage a conversation with these spirits, just like we have today, and that this would help relieve the earth of its condition. So these are the primary reasons why we returned.

A cloud of dark spirits surrounds and influences the earth


As to why it’s occurring at this particular time, it is primarily because we didn’t discover it sooner (laughter) and as a result we had to wait on our relationship with God and learning these things until we could understand enough so that we could return.


Now obviously God has a far bigger plan than even I recognise. And so by chance we arrive at a time when the earth is changing, and we do feel that this is a part of God’s plan because many people need to be assisted at this time. The changes themselves may help some people to be assisted. But many people on earth hear that change is coming and they don’t realise why. The reason why is that Divine Truth is now on the planet and the more people who embrace it, it will cause the change.

6.3.  Is there karma?


Participant Male:

Why does God allow spirits to take advantage of innocents? Is the reason karma? Why do these people go through these situations?



Firstly I have not said there is no karma; I’ve only said that there is no reincarnation in order to work through karma. What you call karma, the spirits in the higher spheres of the spirit world call the Law of Compensation. Every single person who has ever lived will need to pay the penalty of their own unloving behaviour. Many times the penalty is instant. Just like I described yesterday in “The Truth About ‒ God”, when you step off the big tall building and you have gravity, there’s an instant response. So when we act out of harmony with love there is an instant result on our soul, which at some point in the future will have to be paid for. Now many of us pay for it instantly in that we get a bit older, we get a bit sicker, we have accidents and these are all normal results of breaking the laws.

6.4.  Why does God allow evil?



Now the question that you asked about God is very important. The question is why does God allow for innocent people to be over-cloaked by evil spirits? And this is a very important question.


Participant Male:

Also why does God allow people to be affected by aggressive people here too?



That’s very good question. These are two very big questions. God is trying to teach us the effects of our fears. What mankind does not understand is that it is fear that creates evil.

This is a primary thing that most people on earth do not yet understand. Fear is created by false beliefs that we believe are true. You can say that it is “false expectations appearing real”. This fear attracts evil and in fact allows evil to continue. Once we understand the relationship between fear and evil, we begin to see how our own fear allows evil in others.


One of our primary fears is the fear of death and many of us are not necessarily afraid of death but afraid of the loss that death creates. This is because we do not have a clear understanding about our spirit state. When there is no longer any fear of death there is also no longer any fear of evil. This causes a person to remain steadfast for the principles of love. While I am firm for principles of love, I cannot be influenced by evil, but the only way I can stay firm on principles of love is by releasing my fears because while I am afraid I can be manipulated. This is the main cause of evil being perpetrated on the planet.


We all have very strong fears about it and then we feel drawn into doing what the evil person wants instead of remaining firm about what is truthful and loving. God is trying to show us through this experience that if we are not willing to deal with our fear even for the sake of our own children, then who are we going to be willing to deal with it for? If we are willing to allow our fear to remain in us and we observe the damage that results to our own children, and yet we are not willing to address our own fear, then how much love do we really have? God allows this to continue even though it is not God’s desire. God did not desire that we remain in fear and God does not desire that we accept evil, but man created evil and man has to learn to get rid of all the things he created, all the things that are out of harmony with love.


All the things that man creates in harmony with love are acceptable to God. But all the things that man has created out of harmony with love, which includes fear and evil, man himself has to choose to destroy himself. God has given us the free will to do so, just as God has given us the free will to create evil.


The problem is that evil and fear have existed for so long on this earth that we believe that they are real and necessary. We have even come up with belief systems that attempt to accept evil, such as: “that good and bad belief systems need to balance each other”. All this is a figment of our imagination in order to avoid experiencing the grief that is involved with fear and evil. When we are able to embrace this process of allowing the intense emotional experience, we will find that no fear exists within us and from that moment on, no matter what anyone else does, you will always be loving and you will never respond to evil again. You will never be afraid of evil again and in that way evil will eventually disappear.


In the first century I tried to demonstrate through my life that evil did not pose a threat to love, but in fact that love conquers all evil. This is why I said, “I have conquered the world” because once I became in that condition of love, the world’s evil disappeared to me and it no longer had any power over me. This was only achieved through my relationship with God. It had nothing to do with my special nature; it had everything to do with how God transformed my soul into love. Once all of us get to that condition of love and probably long before then actually, we will no longer pander to any person who is evil on the planet and therefore all people who are evil on the planet. Instead we will remain firm in love and those who are evil will have no power in that place. I gave a talk about this recently in the USA called “Love has Power over Evil”. We give evil power by being afraid of it.

6.5.  Does God know the future of mankind?


Participant Male:

I acknowledge that God knows everything about the past, present and future. I heard you say that God wished for things for humankind other than what humanity is doing. So I believe that if God knows about the future then it is all written.



I understand the question. Do not confuse a person who knows about the future with someone who makes the future happen. God has given you the gift of free will and therefore God has allowed you to make the choice about your future. However, God knows you so well that She knows what decisions you are probably going to make. So God is not disappointed with these decisions but sometimes God would like you to make a different decision, one that is in more harmony with love.


God knew in advance that people would degrade on the planet in their condition. God knew in advance but God also knew that through a process or experience that God designed, all of us would grow in our condition and because God is an eternal being, this short term poor condition is just like a day for God, even though it might be tens or hundreds of thousands of years for us.


God has a very, very long term view of the future and God can see into that long term future. And because God is a mathematician and calculates every outcome, He therefore knows in advance the potential decisions that you have available to you. But God does not force you to make those decisions and you can sit down and make no decisions at all in your life if you choose, but of course that in itself is a decision.


This is what we need to understand about God. God has given us this very precious gift of free will and how we use our will determines not only my own happiness but also the happiness of all those around me and I need to come to understand that if I am selfish, I am not only harming myself but I am also harming other people around me. This is a way for me to be corrected; once I observe the harm that I am doing I will begin to develop a desire to no longer do it. This is one of the main reasons for us to have children; if we cannot change for the sake of our children, then who are we going to change for?

6.6.  Will changes occur in the spirit world in the future?


Participant Female:

What do you know about the changes that will occur? Will it affect the spiritual world as well?



Yes, it is our intention to change everything in the spirit world. One of the main reasons why we came to earth is so that we can help the spirits up to the sixth dimension of the spirit world to progress into higher states. Once they do that and the earth changes, then no person will pass over from the earth into a place of darkness, and every person who passes from the earth will go into the beautiful celestial heavens. Therefore there will be no more pain either on the earth or in the spirit world. That is God’s intention; He is just waiting for us, mankind, to choose. It’s a very good question.

6.7.  What are the consequences of denying our true selves?


Participant Female:

Since everything has a consequence, what’s the consequence if one of the fourteen who have reincarnated doesn’t go through the process? For example, the Apostle John being assassinated.



The reality is that every single one of us needs to accept ourselves. That’s not accepting the person who we think we are, nor is it accepting the person who our parents designed us to be, but accepting the person that God created us to be. Every person that denies their true self will experience pain throughout their life. So you could say there are really three selves. One self is the true self that God created. Another self is the injured self; this is the self that usually our parents created by treating us in unloving manners. Then there is what I will call our facade self. This is the person we create to avoid the other two selves.


In order to progress, we need to see our facade self and eventually come to feel our injured self and release those selves from ourselves. Then we will become our true self. Now all of the fourteen at some point in the future have to accept their real self, just like you have to. If they choose to not accept their real self then a lot of pain will be experienced. This is a normal situation for every person who has ever existed. The only exception is that these people have come from a different location and therefore their pain will be greater if they do not accept their real self but for all of us there is pain when we do not accept our real self.

7.  Closing Words



Well I feel that it’s a great time to finish now.


Participant Female:

Do the fourteen have the conscience when they are born here?



Can I address something with you? You are now imposing your selfish desires upon the group and also upon me. This is a very unloving act. In doing this you reduce your own condition and also many people here, who are very patient as a result. Many people here now have had enough information and need to go home and digest it, and you are not honouring that. I’ll be happy to answer your question when we have another session. Okay?


Participant Female:

I apologise to everyone.



No problem. You see I wanted to show you an illustration of how often we impose our unloving behaviour without even knowing, and I’m very happy you gave me that opportunity. Please do not feel offended; it is a very important learning lesson for everyone.


I would love to thank the organisers of these events. There are many people involved in the organisation of this event and we would like to thank them. Also, these videos of the sessions over the last few days will be available for free and you’ll be able to download them from YouTube.

We look forward to seeing those of you who are willing to come along next time. Thank you very much for  your time. (Applause)