The Truth About Spirit Influence

This document is a transcript of a seminar on the subject of, the three types of influences that spirits have on our lives.

Seminar conducted on 14th August 2012 At Brasilia, Goias, Brazil

1.  Introduction



My name is Alan John Miller and Mary there is my partner, Mary Luck. We are from Australia and we’ve been travelling around the world talking to people about what we call Divine Truth. We were invited here by Denny Johnson, who we only met three weeks ago, but Denny met us on the internet around six or seven months ago. And once Denny had listened to some of the material we presented on the internet he decided he wanted to share the material with other people. Some of the other people thought he’d gone crazy and I’m sure sometimes he thinks he’s going crazy too! (Laughter)


We feel that the material we share with people is very important for the world because it discusses how people can grow in love. What we find in our travels is that many people are finding their life quite difficult and they do not understand what love really is. Although many people believe they know what love is they still experience much pain in their own personal life. One of the things that interested Denny greatly in this truth, was that when he’s studying the iris there are different things that occur in the iris that show you what is happening inside of your emotional self and that these particular things can be cleared from the iris by clearing them from the soul.


In our travels so far in Brazil we have talked about this to a group in Belo Horizonte and also we’ve talked about some similar things to a group in Sao Paulo. Now all of those talks have been recorded and translated into Portuguese, so instead of covering the same material, what we would like to do tonight is discuss with you about spirit influence on people on earth. We’re talking about people who have passed from the earth into the spirit world and the different influences they have on people on earth. In this process we’d like to describe to you the three types of influences that spirits have on our lives and then we would like to do some channelling with you to demonstrate these spirits who influence us. Are all of you familiar with channelling spirits from the spirit world? You have heard of that before? If not it will be your very first time then. Mary will be doing the channelling and I will be discussing the different things with the spirits. But before we do that I would like to discuss with you the influence that spirits have on our lives.

1.1.  Spirits influence our lives



Most people on earth do not believe that spirits have a very large influence on their life but when you can see spirits, you can actually see the different people who are connected to each person on earth, and you can see how they are feeding information to the person on earth. Now some of that information is beneficial to the person on earth but other information is very damaging to the people on earth, and quite often people on earth are influenced towards doing things that are quite damaging to other people as well. In fact much violent crime such as rape and murder is often heavily influenced by spirits from the spirit world and if we, as a human race, are going to change this occurring on earth, then we need to understand all of the forces that are present – what is really going on between spirits and humans.

1 Also known as Alan John Miller, or AJ.


Participant Female:

Are the spirits also responsible for diseases in people?



Yes, that is the case. In fact many diseases that happen on earth are the direct result of spirit influence and in fact almost all diseases and problems of newly-born children are the results of spirits. And this is where we feel that many people in the medical profession can learn from this and do a lot to help people who have these problems. But to help the people who have these problems we need to understand what the problem is and then we can help them solve the problem permanently.


Perhaps the best thing to do is to give a bit of an overview first and then if you’d like to ask more questions and discuss the details with you.

2.  The soul, spirit body and physical body



The way we are constructed is that we have a physical body. We also have a spiritual body, but the real self is the soul and in fact each of us is one half of the soul. The other half of the soul also has a spirit body and a physical body. So we are one soul expressed as two different people. I’ve drawn it here as a male-female soul pair but the reality is that the two halves of the soul could be male or female.

Each one of us is one half of a soul, with physical body (PB) and a spirit body (SB)


Now what happens is that when a person is conceived the spirit body and physical body are created by the sexual process. Their mother and father have sex and create those bodies and the half of the soul attaches to both of those bodies.

When a couple have sex they create the spirit and physical bodies, to which half the soul attaches


Many of you have heard of the spirit body because you would have heard of the ideas or concepts around chakras, which are the energy points of the spirit body. Of course we can all see that we have a physical body but neither spirits nor persons can see the soul. If we represent this in terms of how it really looks, if you imagine this red outline as the physical body, the blue around would be the spirit body and the entire thing is enveloped by the soul. The soul is the real you and these two bodies are just ways for you to express yourself.

The spirit and physical bodies are overlaid and enveloped by the soul


The physical body allows you to express yourself and interface with the physical world and the spirit body allows you to interface and express yourself in the spirit world. Every time you go to sleep at night your spirit body and soul leave your physical body but there is a cord that attaches the physical body and the spirit body together and the spirits refer to this as the silver cord. All of the sensory inputs of your entire body pass through the silver cord and are felt by the spirit body. And then all of the sensory inputs of both the physical body and spirit body pass through another cord that join these bodies to the soul.

Different cords, through which information passes, connect the spirit body, physical body and soul

So the soul has a memory of everything that happens to both the spirit body and the physical body. When you pass over into the spirit world at the end of your life on earth, there will be certain things you begin to remember about times when you were asleep because when you go to sleep you do things in the spirit world with your spirit body while the physical body is lying usually on the bed asleep and resting and recovering.

2.1.  The process of incarnation



When the parents engage in sexual intercourse and the two genetic codes of both the spirit body and the physical body are created, a soul incarnates or attaches itself to the two bodies. This soul comes from a location ‒ which we will not discuss in this discussion ‒ where it splits into two halves. Both do not incarnate at the same time, but first one will incarnate and attach to two bodies and then the other half of the soul will incarnate and attach to two bodies. And then as these bodies develop and grow, they begin to be used by the soul to experience its universe. That is the general process that goes on at the very time of your conception.

At incarnation the soul splits into two halves that attach to different bodies


Now once we pass over from the physical world to the spirit world, the only difference in terms of our existence is that we no longer have a physical body. In the spirit world we now just have a spirit body and all of the sensory inputs occur through the spirit body. The spirit body becomes the interface of the half of the soul and the way it connects to the universe.

In the spirit world we have only a sprit body attached to our souls


Participant Female:

I was a believer that my soul has no male or female substance, so can you help me to understand that better?



The reality is that the soul when it is unified has both male and female qualities but during the process of incarnation the soul splits into two halves and, depending on which half has the greater dominance, it will connect to either a male or a female body. Your half of the soul does have a gender, a primary masculinity or femininity. In your case because you have connected to a female body, then you were the dominant female part of the soul and depending on your attraction, if your attraction is for a male, then the other half of your soul, your soulmate, will be a male. If your attraction is to a female, then the other half of your soul will also be female and it will be a lesbian relationship; if it was two males then it would be a homosexual relationship. For eighty percent or so of the population it’s a female/male based relationship.


Before it incarnates the actual complete soul is actually partially male and partially female but joined together. In other words it has masculine and feminine characteristics and it depends on how it splits as to which characteristic forms the dominant attraction to the body. If it was a female characteristic that was dominant that is split away then it will be attracted to the female body that’s been created through the sexual act. And in fact the replication of the cell process will be dominantly female. If it was a male then it would be the XY chromosome that would turn the dominant bodies into the male.

2.2. Spirits can influence the masculinity or femininity of people on earth


Participant Female:

For me it was very painful to feel that I was not welcome as a baby girl. I also have a part of me that is male, which is in my female self, so how can I put this together?



So is the question really that you feel that there is a masculine part of yourself?


Participant Female:




This is where spirit influence comes in: when your mother and father had sex with each other they wanted a boy, their desires were for a boy and this is why as a girl you felt rejected. Because of this, a male spirit also connects to you and he’s the person who makes you feel like a male sometimes. Now he does this because it causes you to do things that are more masculine in order to gain the approval of your parents. This is because

when the parents have rejected the female they prefer to have the child act in a masculine manner and in the process of teaching the child to do so, they attract a spirit to the child who helps the child do what the parents want. This is one form of interaction that occurs with spirit influence.

Spirits connect to people on earth through
the spirit body


The way the spirit connects to the person on earth is through the spirit body. In this way they can drop thoughts into the mind and also influence the actions of a person and even at times when you look at the person it can even seem that they’ve got a different face. Have any of you ever noticed that? Where you were looking at a person of a certain gender, such as a female, and then sometimes they appear male to you? This is often because of a spirit who is over-cloaking or influencing the person. Now the reason why this happens is that the emotions of the parents cause distress in the child, which the spirit wants to help get rid of so because of the openness of the parents the spirit then comes to make the change occur to the person who’s here. We will talk about this in a lot more detail, but does that explain what is happening to you?


Participant Female:

Yes I understand about what was happening.



Yes, you will find that many people actually live like this. There are many people who live over-cloaked by spirits. There are many women who believe themselves to be partially men and women and there are many men who believe themselves to be partially female and male, not understanding that there is a huge amount of influence from the spirit world due to emotional injuries opening the spirit body to the problem.


If you look at the spirit body from side onwards, many of you know there are chakra points, or major crossovers of energy. Do you all know the major crossover points? You have the base, and then you have the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh. Now when there are emotional injuries in the soul caused by what the parents have given the child, caused by the parent’s unhealed emotional system and their own unhealed belief systems or incorrect belief systems, the openings of the chakras leave a person exposed to spirit influence. For example if somebody has a deep amount of sadness about being a woman there will be two or three main chakras that are open and injured and therefore left unprotected. It is through these energy points that a spirit in a spirit body can connect to those persons and influence the person in their life.

Spirits can attach to people on earth through openings in their spirit body’s chakras


Now what we would like to talk about primarily is this spirit influence upon the person and how this spirit influence can be removed. In addition we’d like to talk about the spirits themselves and the three main types of spirits that influence the person.


Does everyone understand how the soul is constructed and how the spirit body and the physical body, which are bodies that were created by the sexual intercourse of the parents, are just bodies ‒ they are not the real self? The real self is the half of the soul and these bodies are influenced by many different influences. Firstly they are influenced by the parents and then they are also influenced by spirits, depending on what happened with the parents’ emotional condition and we need to see some of the relationships between the parents’ emotional condition and the child’s exposure to these spirits. As we grow into an adult our parents’ influence lessens, but we now contain many emotional injuries of our own. These emotional injuries have open points in our spirit body which allow for spirits to influence us under certain conditions.

3.  The three types of spirit influence on earth



There are three types of spirits that can influence us. The first type we would classify as benevolent: benevolent spirits always have our best interests at heart but also they understand love and truth, not from their own perspective but from God’s. Then there are malevolent spirits: these are spirits who desire to harm us; they come from a perspective of fear and falsehood or untruth and they have a very negative effect in our life. Then we have a third group of spirits and this third group could be broken into sub groups and these are groups of spirits who are very similar to what they were on earth; they are neither benevolent nor malevolent but rather just interested parties, interested in our lives.


These interested parties believe they are coming from love and truth but are actually coming from fear and falsehood. They have an arrogant position where they believe they know more than you do about your own life. They see many things that you cannot see and so therefore they believe they should be able to influence you however they desire. We could call these arrogant spirits misguided. It is primarily this third group of spirits that creates a lot of physical ailments and injuries and diseases when they connect to a person on earth.


When the benevolent spirits communicate to a person on earth, they never create any distortions in the chakras or the energy systems of the spirit body. They are always acting in harmony with love and truth and they are always doing what is positive for the person. The malevolent spirits are always trying to cause trouble for the person: these are often the kinds of spirits that are involved in practices such as voodoo and other such spiritualistic practises that generally involve harming another person purposefully.


The malevolent spirits do frequent the earth and the main reason is that they are afraid, but they express their fear as rage. The interested spirits they are just misguided: they believe they know truth but they know very  little more truth than you do and they believe they know love but oftentimes they are less loving than you are and the reason is that they are often in their addictions.

4.  Spirits connect to people on earth through addictions



These addictions are not just physical, although they can include physical addictions: for instance a spirit who was a heavy smoker on earth will pass into the spirit world with a strong desire to continue to smoke but it is actually not possible to smoke in the spirit world and so they connect to a smoker on earth and influence the person to smoke more. You also often find that when a person on earth who was a drunk or who drank a lot of alcohol every day passes into the spirit world, they have a strong desire to continue drinking but with no alcohol available. This spirit will come to a person on earth that is already a drinker and try and attempt to influence them to drink more and in attempting to influence them to drink more they’ll often keep the person standing upright drinking even when the person is no longer conscious of their own actions; this is the spirit using the person in order to feed its own addiction. These are just two examples of many types of addictions.


But also there are many addictions that are emotional in nature. For instance, if I had a big family when I was on earth and I was able to control much of my family by pushing them around and manipulating them, and then when I passed into the spirit world, my family still being on earth, I would still desire to manipulate and control them. Because of this I would try to control them by using the force of my will and using emotions in them that I can manipulate. So if one of my children I know feels guilty, I can influence their guilt from the spirit world and push them into doing things that I used to push them into doing while on earth. This is a form of me getting my addictions met in the spirit world, by using emotional injuries that are in my children on earth and sometimes when I cannot do it with my own children, I try and go and find somebody else’s children to whom I can do it.


Every emotional injury that any person has on earth has a colour associated with it, and so as a spirit all I need to do is find people with that colour. This colour will be coming out of them like an energy stream. It’s like a pipe of energy, and it’s like an octopus in that it has a sucking effect drawing people into it. These energy streams come out of a person with addictions, whether the addictions are physical or emotional, and as such  they can be manipulated by spirits. This is how these kinds of spirits can manipulate many of us on earth.


Participant Male:

Well it would be ideal to only attract benevolent spirits. How do we attract only benevolent spirits?



Well it is very difficult to attract only benevolent spirits. If we have any addictions of our own, whether they are physical or emotional, we will attract the malevolent or interested spirits. The key for us is to work through our emotional injuries and to work through our addictions, and our fears and our shame and our grief, and as we release these from ourselves, these kinds of spirits can have less influence on us.


If we do not do this: there are always benevolent spirits around us, but they cannot easily communicate with us. If you can imagine, it’s like one person standing here surrounded by many spirits. In fact on the earth there are four spirits living with each person on earth. These are people who have died but they have not yet gone to their location in the spirit world and so they surround us constantly. Any single person on earth is surrounded by at least four spirits, and these spirits are like a cloud influencing us every single moment they can. Now when a benevolent spirit comes to visit us, somehow he has to penetrate this cloud before he can connect to us because there’s this cloud of other influences caused by our own unhealed emotional condition. It would be lovely if we could all attract only benevolent spirits, but in reality we will not do that until we release or go through our emotional injuries.

4.1.  Emotional addictions can be seen in the iris of the eye



And this is where the iris is an important measuring stick because the eye is the lamp of the soul. The emotional addictions that exist in the soul appear in the iris and therefore it can tell us what is wrong with our soul that causes addictions and emotional injuries that causes these spirits being attached to us. When I truly work though an emotional addiction, the particular problem in my iris, the dark mark or scar or whatever it is will disappear and that is an indication that the underlying emotional problem has also been addressed now. This will have an immediate positive effect upon any spirits that we are attracting. The spirits can no longer control us through the addiction.

Our soul’s injuries are expressed in the iris of our eyes


Participant Male:

So we need to find a way to work our emotions out?



That is correct. It is very important to understand that the soul controls what happens to our bodies and our own soul controls the diseases in our bodies and the physical ailments in our bodies. But it’s also very important to understand that if our soul has emotional injuries, the interested spirits attach to us and cause even more problems to our body. In fact they can cause so many problems that, due to the spiritual connections that are interfering with our body, it develops diseases and we pass. So these interested spirits can have a great effect on our life and also on our happiness.


Participant Female:

Do you consider yourself a person that is influenced by the malevolent and interested spirits?



Yes, there is not a single person on earth who is not influenced by these spirits.


Participant Female:

Everyone has only one spiritual body and one physical body?



That is correct.

4.2.  How spirits control people on earth


Participant Female:

I don’t understand how a spirit influences you because I feel that the spirit is separated from the soul.



The spirit, a different person to yourself, is connecting to you because of the emotional injuries in your spirit body. This spirit has their own soul which is also injured and they have their own addictions and their own emotional problems and their own unhealed belief systems that are out of harmony with love. This is one reason why they connect to other people: because they have addictions of their own that they would like to meet through you and it’s through the spirit body that we allow them to take our emotional energy; in fact for many of us, we actually give them our emotional energy.


If I could give you an example of how this operates on earth and then you may get an idea of how it operates in the spirit world. Have you ever noticed that when you go into a shop and there’s a very angry person wanting to be served, that the angry person often gets the most attention? And usually this is because of the fear of the shop assistants, and the fear in the shop assistants panders to or supports or responds to the anger in the person they are serving.

A man who is afraid of an angry woman will pander to the angry woman


Here we have the shop assistant and here we have the person who is being served. One person is projecting an emotion of anger and if the other person worries or is afraid of anger, their fear will cause them to serve. This is what you would classify as a sympathetic attraction. A sympathetic attraction is caused by one person having one type of emotion and the other person having another type of emotion that supports the first. So when anger is given to a person, this other person will generally only respond positively if they are afraid of anger ‒ If they are not afraid of anger or angry themselves, they will respond very differently. This is what you would classify as a co-dependency. The angry person needs people who are afraid and the way she controls them is by projecting anger at them so that their fear causes them to react.


Now remember I said that when we pass over into the spirit world, we are barely any different than when we were on earth. So when an angry woman passes into the spirit world, she will remain an angry woman, at least at the time of her passing and shortly afterwards. Now imagine she is a spirit; she is still going to think that the way to control fearful people is to get angry with them and she will be very effective in controlling people on earth by projecting her anger at people. The people won’t know why they feel afraid but they will do things to stop themselves from feeling afraid. In that moment she can drop thoughts into their mind of what to do in order to make their fear go away and that’s how she will control them. She might not be a malevolent spirit, but she is certainly angry and misguided and she’s also arrogant thinking that she can control people by making people feel afraid all the time.


This is the way in which spirits control people. It’s very similar to the way people control people because remember a person who has died and passed over is really very little different in terms of their emotional make up, they’ll often have the same desire to control people as they had when they existed on earth.


Participant Female:

Are all our actions generated by the influence of spirits?



No, not all of our actions are generated by the influence of spirits. It depends on how much we have learnt to  use our own will. If we are a person who knows our self very well and understands all of our own emotional

injuries, then most of what we do will be of our own desire. But the reality is that most of us do have a large degree of emotional injury and we also have many physical addictions and these things are manipulated by spirits.

5.  Physical ailments are caused by the soul

5.1.  Remedies that treat the physical or spirit body do not address the cause


Participant Female:

What do you think about homeopathic and flower essences to treat those addictions and emotional problems?



Let me tell you very bluntly what I feel about those things (smile). Most homeopathic remedies and other things that affect the spirit body, they do not affect the soul. If you have a look at the iris of the person, once you use the homeopathic remedy, you will find that there is very little or no change in the eyes. This is a demonstration that the soul has not changed.


Mankind has become addicted to using remedies that make them feel better but do not cause any change to the soul. We need to do the soul work to actually change the iris and show us that we have really changed the problem. The problem with most of the medical professions on the planet is that they either work on trying to fix the physical body or fix the spirit body but they do not work upon the soul. A physical thing cannot work on the soul; a physical thing can only work on the physical body or the spirit body. The soul needs some different things in order to change and you can give it a homeopathic remedy or a flower essence or a medical pill but in the end you are only fixing the effect.

All physical ailments are effects of a cause
that is located in the soul


Everything that happens to the bodies is just the effect of the cause that is in the soul. If we focus on the cause in the soul, all the effects will disappear and the iris demonstrates the change. This is the power of seeing the eye: through seeing the eye you can see whether the actual cause has been removed.

Removing a cause in the soul will show a change
in the iris of the eye

5.2.  Spirit attachments can cause health problems



It is true that some physical things that you can do to the spirit body and physical body can cause a disconnection with spirits. For example, if a spirit is attached to the spirit body of a person, if you give the person a slight electrical charge that is not intense enough to hurt the person, the spirit is super sensitive to this charge and will temporarily step away from the person.


If this charge happens regularly the spirit won’t want to stay with the person anymore and so whatever problem the spirit was causing in the person will go and this will actually affect the person’s wellbeing. The person will feel better because the spirit is no longer influencing them. However, the reason why the person attracted the spirit has yet to be addressed in the soul. There is a chance that the person will attract another spirit of a similar nature who then also starts to influence them. It’s only when we remove the cause from the soul that all of the external influences disappear. In addition, the marks that appear in our iris will disappear showing that we have actually solved the cause of the problem rather than just the effect of the problem.


Of course many people find this confronting because many of us have invested large amounts of our time becoming medical practitioners learning how to correct the problems of the spirit and physical bodies but what we need to do instead is focus more attention on the soul as the cause of the problem.

5.3.  Removing emotional error from our souls cures illness and aging


Participant Female:

You said we could heal diseases of the soul with physical things? What would be the right things to mend it?



There is some misunderstanding because I have not said that you can heal the soul through the physical body. You can only heal the physical body through the soul.


Participant Female:

You said that we cannot heal the soul through physical things.



That’s correct.


Participant Female:

So what do we need to heal the soul?



These are all to do with the emotions. It is the condition of love that exists in the soul that determines the condition of both of the bodies. If the condition of love in the soul is very good, then the two bodies will experience very few problems. In fact the soul can become at-one with God and from that moment on the soul will experience no problems and both the physical body and the spirit body will look around twenty-five years of age. No matter how old you are, you will grow young again. Once all of the emotional addictions have been released and once love and truth are the dominant qualities in the soul, your physical appearance will be as if you are twenty-five years of age, even if you’ve lived two hundred years. You would be the perfect picture of health.


In fact what happens for most people is that their physical body slowly approaches the condition of their spirit body and by the time they die the physical body is very similar to the condition of the spirit body. The reason for this delay in the outward condition of the physical body relates to the seven year cycle of replication of the cells that the physical body continually turns over. In other words these cells in the physical body usually

replace each other every seven years, so physically you are not the same person you were seven years ago. You have a completely different set of cells to what was present seven years ago.


As we grow old it is demonstrating to us that the different problems that are occurring in our body are caused by the soul and they are caused by the love condition in the soul. So the key is to work through our emotions in such a way that we can learn to become more loving ‒ as a feeling person and not as a thinking person. You  cannot think your way into this condition. It is something that has to be experienced before you can get to the condition.


Each of us here has the potential to be twenty-five years old for the rest of our life. However the reality is that there are many emotions inside of us that are causing destruction of our physical body and the degradation in condition of our spirit body, and unless we are prepared to address these particular emotions we will grow old and die.


Scientists have found what is called the death gene in the DNA structure of the physical body. Scientists do not understand why this gene exists and they are attempting to remove the gene through genetic manipulation but the gene is caused by the condition of the soul and until the soul changes in its condition of love, this gene will remain in the physical body.

6.  We can only grow in love by removing unloving causes from our souls


Participant Female:

It may be just a rhetorical question, but instead of focusing on getting rid of the bad emotions wouldn’t it be best to focus on increasing the love?



The love cannot increase while the bad emotions exist. The only way love is going to improve is to release the emotions that cause a lack of love. Many people try to be more loving while the emotions that cause the lack of love still exist and this is the reason their irises remain marked and scarred. They are attempting to become more loving but there are still unloving things that are demonstrated by the iris and this indicates that the soul still has the unloving condition.


Now if there is an unwillingness to address the unloving condition, then a person cannot become more loving. You can try to be more loving, but the soul will still have the reason for the unloving behaviour and therefore it will manipulate you into doing the unloving thing, and this is what many people call the subconscious. It’s the soul that has the unloving causal emotion that pushes us into acting a certain way and unless we release the underlying unloving cause from the soul, then this unloving behaviour will automatically occur no matter how hard we try to make it stop.


This is why many religions have not been effective in changing the loving behaviour of people because many religions create a lot of laws that they say are about love, but unless the heart changes, a person will still desire to do those things against the law. This is why many of us feel so guilty when we go to a religion because there is a long list of laws that we would like to follow, but in the soul there are unloving things that cause us to act unlovingly and to break the list of laws. Then we’re told we must feel guilty but in reality guilt is a very ineffective emotion.


We need to find the cause as to why we are unloving and once we release this cause by experiencing it, we will automatically become more loving and that makes logical sense. Interestingly too, when we release the cause of the unloving emotion, the iris will demonstrate that something has been released, because the eye is the mirror of the soul. And so the eye becomes a powerful measuring tool as to what is occurring in the soul.


Now the reason we raised all of this was that it’s the unhealed emotions in the soul that cause attractions of spirits and these spirits manipulate us through the unhealed emotions of the soul.


Participant Male:

I really like the idea of being two hundred with an appearance of twenty-five. How old are you?



I am forty-nine years old.



I am satisfied.



You’re satisfied! (Laughter) Why are you satisfied?


Participant Male:

You appear like you’re forty nine.



You feel I look forty nine?



Yes. Some people look younger or older but I looked at you and thought you’re around forty-eight, forty-nine.



You have a spirit telling you how old I am actually (smile). How many of the rest of you thought I was forty nine? No one. The reality is, as you release more emotions, your grey hair will turn the colour it used to be and your body will grow young again. I feel much better than when I was twenty-five. I used to be very, very sick when I was young. I was hospitalised at the age of two and had a part of my bowel removed. I was very, very sick up until the age of thirty-three and once I started practicing these principles and working on the emotions that were in my soul, over a period of time I started becoming much better and I actually feel much better now than when I was young.


Participant Male:

I consider myself a phoenix because I have been very close to death three times.



Yes, many people have had many times when they’ve nearly died and sometimes it’s our benevolent friends in the spirit world who are the only reason why we’re still alive. These spirits who are good spirits, one of them has a role to keep us alive but they do find it very difficult because of the malevolent and interested spirits, and the emotional addictions that are within us.

6.1.  Malevolent spirits are capable of becoming benevolent


Participant Female:

Can those malevolent spirits one day become benevolent spirits?



Well I have personally known many malevolent spirits who have become benevolent spirits but this required a change in their soul where they had to stop exercising their rage and begin to learn how to be more loving. They had to decide to do that themselves and they are then often helped by other spirits to become benevolent.


Any person in the spirit world is not permanently in their current condition. Any person can grow in love, so even people on earth who arrive in the spirit world in what is called the hells, which are the lower regions of darkness in the first dimension; they still have the ability to progress and to grow in love. No single person is ever restricted from growing in love.


Participant Female:

Are there still going to be masculine and feminine parts of the soul when the soul is complete and in contact with God?



I have answered that and many similar questions in a talk that I gave in Belo Horizonte two weeks ago entitled “The Truth About: The Human Soul” and “The Truth About: Reincarnation and Spirits”. When the soul becomes a unified soul again it does not have a gender. You and your other half, who is your soulmate, will become one again and you will each have the memories and the emotional experience of the other. As a result of this you will be a unified complete soul that is fully self aware, but this only happens after a lot of development in the spirit world.

6.2.   Learning about love requires us to see our unloving behaviour


Participant Female:

I had the idea that when you came here you were going to teach us how to love but now I get the feeling that you’re also here to learn how to love more. Am I right?



Firstly I am always learning how to love more. For the rest of my eternal existence, I will still be learning about love. The reason why is that God is an infinite creature and God’s love is infinite in nature and I am a finite person, I am not infinite. And because I am not infinite I will always need to learn more. However, there are many things to teach about love and I’ve talked a lot about twenty hours so far, to people on our visit to Brazil about God’s Love and also the love they share with others. In fact the main message that Mary and I have is about how we can grow in love.


However, the interested and malevolent spirits do interfere with the process of growing in love and our own emotional addictions have a huge effect on our ability to grow in love. It is pointless to talk about love without speaking about the unloving behaviour we have. Many people only want to hear about love while at the same time denying all unloving behaviour, and I cannot agree with these actions.


As a human race we need to see how we are unloving. Once we see it, and we see the effects of our unloving behaviour, we will have a much greater motivation to change so it is very important that any discussion about love also indicates the reasons why things become unloving. Many people who feel I’m being negative in a discussion will find that I am raising these issues because it is very important for all of us on earth to come to terms with what is unloving then we will have a desire to be more loving. If we ignore the effects of our own unloving behaviour and attempt to discuss love, it is not going to be effective.


So we are all learning: I feel, because Truth is infinite and because God’s Love is infinite, that there is always something more to learn about love and truth but we must make sure that we’re actually learning God’s  Love and Truth rather than our own concept of it. What we have found in most of our travels is that almost every person who comes to our seminars believes they are loving and many feel that they have very little to learn

about love but if that were the case there would be many more positive things happening on earth than what are currently happening. So we need to understand that we are all contributors to the unloving conditions on the earth and we need to have an openness to self examination to see the unloving things within us that cause damage to others.

6.2.1.  Changes to blemishes in the iris indicate changes in our level of love


The beauty of what Denny has already taught you with the iris is that we have a way of measuring the change and measuring how we are becoming more loving. If the iris is not changing in a positive direction where different blemishes in it are being removed, then the reality is that we are not becoming more loving, even if we think we are. In addition, if we find that over time the iris is getting more and more blemishes this is an indication that we are actually becoming more unloving; even if we believe we are loving, we are not.

Blemishes in the iris indicate
how loving our soul is


In fact if you examine the iris of a child you will find – as Denny has mentioned to you most probably ‒ that there are generally no blemishes in the iris of a child younger than two years of age. Blemishes only begin to appear as the child begins to exercise its will and unfortunately because of the emotions of the child’s environment, the child usually exercises its will in an unloving direction and this causes blemishes to begin appearing in the eye, which is telling us that the soul of the child is being damaged and is becoming more and more out of harmony with love.


Usually by the time we are a teenager, many of these blemishes have become so ingrained that most people will never remove them for the rest of their life on earth. This shows us how resistive we are to becoming more loving. We wish to believe we are one thing and we get used to the façade, while the reality is that we are becoming more unloving and that is demonstrated in our eye and this is a very important scientific fact to recognise for ourselves. You can do any work you wish on the physical and spirit bodies but unless you change the soul, the eye will show you that nothing has changed.

6.2.2.  Blemishes in the iris indicate the level of spirit influence we are under



Now unfortunately these blemishes that appear in the eye are the signs of our own emotional problems and it is through our emotional problems that are out of harmony with love that spirits can affect us. There is a direct linkage between the soul’s condition, the condition of the iris and how much spirit influence we will come under. The more marks there are in our iris, the higher a likelihood that we have more intense spirit influence because these marks in our iris are demonstrating our emotional addictions and it’s the things that are out of harmony with love that create the imperfections that spirits can manipulate.

6.3.  Dealing with our unloving emotions


Participant Female:

At the moment I feel I need to take care of my emotions daily. If not I think that I am an arrogant bitch or I am an enraged killer or whatever. So it’s new for me to discover that it is not only me that dictates my behaviour but also spirit world influences. So for example, today before I came here, I was screaming because I was basically shut up as a child.



Can I first say that when you honour your soul, you will feel the need to do emotional work every single day? You will not put it off for weeks at a time or just go and see a therapist once a month; you will need to do something every single day to allow the expression of your emotions and this is a part of loving yourself.


We were taught when we were young to not love ourselves and so many of us have really no idea how to love ourselves ‒ we believe we do, but often we have no idea ‒ and part of loving ourselves is allowing the soul to feel the truth of your own experience. When you were shut down as a child, this created a lot of anger and frustration and fear and grief and the anger and frustration must be released before you’ll even be able to feel the fear that was created. And the fear will need to be released by experiencing it, and then you’ll get to the intense emotional experience of the sorrow that you need to experience. Every single person who has ever lived will need to go through this process if they wish to become a happier and more loving person. It’s very important to understand that.


I feel many people on the planet have no understanding of that and as a result they become addicted to dealing with the effects in their bodies and all of the ill health or lack of health that is happening in their bodies is a result of all of this pent up emotion sitting in their soul and this pent up emotion in their soul must be experienced in order to be released.


When we were a child we naturally experienced it, but our parents and our environment started shutting down the experience. This is why after two years of age, after already being suppressed so much, blemishes start appearing in the iris of the child indicating that there are emotions in the soul that are now out of harmony with love that have been bottled up in the soul. The more emotion that gets bottled up, the more blemishes appear in the iris, indicating that the soul is becoming more and more overburdened with the pressure of not being able to experience emotions so I agree you will have to go through these emotional experiences.

6.3.1. Our emotional injuries are finite


Participant Female:

At the moment I am feeling a lot of fear, and I need courage to face the fear that I can go through the emotional process that I need to go through. Sometimes I feel like, “Is there any end?” and I am also dealing with that also.



The soul is like a bottle of water: imagine this water is dirty water; there is only so much dirty water in the bottle. If you tip it out slowly, it will take a long time before the dirty water is emptied out. If you tip it out fast, then all the dirty water will flow much more quickly. The thing that limits the flow of emotion from our soul is the emotion of fear and fear is like a restriction that is placed upon our emotional expression.


Every fear has a belief associated with it, a belief that is out of harmony with love and in itself it is also emotional. For example, one fear that we may have is that we may never be loved. This is a fear, not a reality, because the reality is that God already loves us, so we are already loved, we just cannot feel it and there must be something stopping us from feeling it. If we examine our emotions more carefully, we find under the fear is the sorrow but above the fear are the addictions. The addictions are the things we create to avoid our fear, and our fears are the things that are being created to avoid our sorrow and the only way we can process our way through this is to take away our addictions and we will be left with feeling our fears and our sorrow. If you allow yourself to go through this process with God then there will be an end to it.

Layers of emotions within
our souls


There will be a time when the bottle is empty from the dirty water and then you can put clean water in it, but  this takes time and you need to patient with yourself. There will be times as well where you feel there is no hope and that is also an emotion in the soul, a sorrow; that is out of harmony with love, because from God’s perspective there is always hope. These are belief systems that have come to us, usually through our parents and through our environment, and the only way they will be released from us is by experiencing them so you’re on the right track.

7.  Emotions driving spirit influence



Now the reason why I wanted to explain this to you, and it is not everything I could explain, but it gives enough background for us to work with the spirit influence, is that if we can understand that all spirit influence comes from things that are within our soul, then we can begin to understand the types of influences that will be upon us.


To give you some examples: if I am a male who has used women sexually through my life, then I will have certain emotional injuries in my soul that are out of harmony with love and in particular it will relate to how I treat women. If I pass into the spirit world without addressing these problems, then I will still continue to act out of harmony with love with women. If I cannot find women in the spirit world with whom to interact, then I will attempt to interact sexually with women on earth and there are specific ways I can do that. One way is by over- cloaking another male who has the same injury as I do and then I can share his body with him and therefore share his experiences with him. This is very similar to the way that I would share experiences if I was a drunkard on earth and I passed into the spirit world and I would still want to drink and so I over-cloak a man on earth who wants to drink and then I can share in his experience. It is important for me to understand that if I do not address my own emotions before I pass, it is highly likely that I will become a person who harms a person on earth.


Now there are many spirits around us who would like to talk to us about this and rather than doing this tonight we will leave this until tomorrow night. We will have some discussions with some of these spirits, helping them to understand why they are attracted to the earth and why they are influencing people on earth. It is important for us to understand on earth that the attraction of different types of spirits is going to be completely dependent on our soul and its condition of love and truth and this condition is not defined by mankind’s ideas of love and truth, but rather by God’s definition of love and truth, which is very different to man’s definition.

Our soul condition, defined by God’s definition of Love and Truth, determines what spirit influence we attract


If I can understand this basic principle, then I will be able to start examining what potential influences I am under from the spirit world and this can help me greatly in my day to day life. It can help me address any physical problems I have with my body, but more importantly it can help me grow in my soul condition with respect to love, and that is really the most important thing.

8.  Closing Words



Now that’s about all I can discuss with you tonight because it feels like the audience is very resistive to me discussing more. I would like to finish now; I go completely by how I feel the audience feels (smile). If you would like to return tomorrow night, Mary and I will have some discussions with spirits in the spirit world. (“20120815 Mediumship with Mary; Spirit Influence”). This will demonstrate the influences that many people on earth are under and will also indicate the types of spirits that may be influencing you. We’re hoping of course to be able to help some of those spirits, but if we cannot, at least you will be able to see the types of spirits that surround us and the potential influence they have upon us.


Thank you so much for your time tonight and to those of you who would like to listen to that I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Good night for now. (Applause)