The Truth About the Human Soul

This document is a transcript of a seminar on the subject of, an introduction to the human soul.

Seminar conducted on 4th August 2012 At Belo Horizonte, Brazil

1.  Introduction



Many of you want to understand how to practically have this relationship with God and we do want to cover  that today before you go home, but there are some basic principles we need to understand about the human soul before you can understand the connection between God and yourself. So firstly we need to explain those things before we can explain the actual connection and how that works.

But before we do that there were two people who I promised that they could ask their questions.

2.  The origin of evil


Participant Female:

I have been asking myself about evil and human suffering ever since I was little. For example in Christian religion they said that we were born perfect and at a certain point there was a fall: do you share this view and if you do, when did this fall actually take place? How was evil created if God is only love?



Yes, this is a very important question to understand about the human soul itself. The truth is that God created every single human soul perfect, but as soon as we incarnate onto this planet the imperfections of our parents infiltrate our emotional condition. So the question of perfection relates not only to the first human couple but also to what happens to every person when they are born.


Now God did create a first human couple. I’ve actually spoken to them and they live in the spirit world. Their names that they gave themselves were Amon and Aman. Amon means the “female I am” and Aman means the “male I am”. They were the first two people and you can actually speak with them in the spirit world; they were created physically perfect and also their soul was perfect, like every other soul that God creates. And they, through a process of using their free will, decided to actually work out of harmony with love. They believed at the time that they would be able to become like God without having a relationship with God, and because they chose to try to do that they decided to take many actions that were unloving and outside of God’s Laws. As they took those actions, their own soul condition – which I will describe to you soon ‒ degraded and as it degraded in condition more unloving behaviour was chosen and more suffering resulted.


However, when we are first conceived each one of us is pristine in our nature but now as soon as we are conceived and we’re living inside of our mother’s body, we start absorbing the negative emotions and beliefs of the world in which we live. Primarily we absorb the unhealed emotions of our mother and our father and once that occurs we start then deciding to act upon those particular emotions, like a person who is acting out of hurt towards others and eventually we create more hurt.

1 Also known as Alan John Miller, or AJ.


Now each of us can change that: for example a parent can clear away many of these emotions so that when the child is first conceived it no longer has them. But many parents do not choose to do that, and so we have this continual cycle of unloving behaviour perpetuated through history. But all of us can actually stop it, first in our families and then in society.


So, we are capable of reaching perfection while we exist on Earth and not having any negative emotions. That’s what happened to me in the first century and the reason why Mary and myself returned is that we want to demonstrate that same thing again in this century, so to do that we had to arrive in a state that is imperfect and then show you how to become perfect through this relationship with God.


In answer to the question in summary, the primary thing to remember is that God created perfect individuals and man, through his actions, created imperfection and through our unloving actions we continue to perpetuate imperfections.


Participant Female:

So imagine two beings that are going to be born, what determines which one is going to have a higher development of love compared to the other?



The beings, the people are in exactly the same condition of love before they are conceived but there are personality traits in the parents that attract a particular person to be conceived. This child being conceived is the perfect child for the parents to learn from. But unfortunately many times the parents do not learn from them, and they damage the child in the process. As a result of that the child then grows up having unhealed emotions and then the child acts upon those unhealed emotions and causes damage to others. This is the cycle of violence that we perpetuate on this planet.


What we need to do instead of that is, we need to recognise our personal responsibility to become more loving and then if we become more loving any child that we have will automatically be more like its pristine nature. This is a beautiful gift that we give to that child.


When we are worried about the world’s suffering, we need to see our own part in how the world suffers. Many times there are emotions inside of us that create suffering for others and we need to be very honest with ourselves. When we are honest with ourselves we have the capacity to grow in love, but if we refuse to be honest with ourselves there is no way love can grow.


The first human couple, Amon and Aman, decided that they wished to grow without God and as a result of that they had to become self reliant and self reliance is one of the biggest single emotional errors that we have chosen to continue with on the planet. Instead we need to learn how to rely on God, but to do that we have to understand the process.


Participant Female:

She still has the same doubt, she heard everything you said, she understood everything you said but it is hard for her in her perception. If we talk about reincarnation it becomes very clear, but if we think about those people that were pristine it’s hard to understand from her perception: it’s hard to understand why one person goes into a family that will give them conditions of growth and another one goes to another that will not give that doesn’t if they’re all the same before.



And to explain the answer, I need to explain the next step and we are asking questions now which are in advance of what I have prepared, so it’s probably better If I proceed with the discussion and then many of her questions will be answered.


Participant Female:

She is asking for tools of how to create this process.

3.  Creating beliefs to avoid pain



I can also answer that as well. Let’s address one issue though: whenever we create a belief system that explains sadness we are actually creating another belief system in error ‒ that contains error. Let me explain what I mean by that: many times what happens inside of us is we create a belief system because that belief system is preferable to us than another belief system. The reason why we do that is because there are emotions that we get to avoid by having a specific belief system. For example, the belief system about a punishing God: it gets us to avoid this feeling we have that we want bad people to be punished. If we did not have a feeling inside us that we want bad people to be punished, then we would not believe in a punishing God. This illustrates the link between what we want to believe and therefore what we create as a belief and if we are truly going to grow as a human race we need to stop doing that.

We need to recognise that we have the emotion inside of us that I want to punish others and we need to ask ourselves whether is that emotion a loving emotion, and if we can see that it wasn’t a loving emotion then we can see that the belief system must also be unloving. God does not create unloving truth; there is only loving truth. But many of us believe the truth is unloving because when we are told the truth by someone else we often feel they are being unloving to us.


So if a man is told that he has got too much of a belly he often feels unloved instead of going to the gym and working off the belly or better still finding the soul reason why the belly gets created. And many women if they are told they have got a big bottom and then they get upset instead of working on why they have a big bottom and if somebody is told that they are fat ‒ when they are actually fat ‒ they could actually save their life being told that but we are very resistive emotionally because we get feelings of hurt. So we have got to give up this concept that the truth is unloving and we’ve got to allow ourselves to see that the truth is always loving.


Now of course if I am angry while I am telling the truth then I am being unloving. So these are the things we need to consider when it comes to love. We need to understand how important it is to see love as the measuring stick and remember I said earlier in the discussion that truth and love are very important to each other and we can’t have love without truth even though you might like to have it. Truth is the most important thing if we ever want to grow.

4.  God created human souls in Her image



So let’s proceed with the discussion about the human soul. So this is God.


God wanted to have children. The reason why God desired to have children was to share Her Love with these children and isn’t that the most pure reason to have a child? So God created billions and billions of children, and these children have certain characteristics and attributes. Now every child has personality, which they can develop if they desire to. They have certain traits that are a part of their nature that God gave them. Also, these children have not yet experienced life so they are not even conscious of who they are. They have had no experience about who they are; they have had no experience before they are conceived. Since they have not had a knowledge of themselves, they are not self-aware because you need to gain experience to be self-aware.

God created souls in Her image with personality, no experience and no self awareness

Now these children are also made in a similar way to God’s soul. In fact God calls it, “made in Her image.” God created the soul to have very similar possibilities to God’s own Soul. As a result of that God created masculine and feminine qualities in each one of these children, and then God gave them a way to discover themselves. God created a universe in which the children could play and then they could discover themselves through this playing. God created a process in which they could enter this universe and that process is called incarnation.  The very first time you ever come to Earth is called incarnation.


Participant Female:

Does that mean that once we’re born we are eternal?


We are eternal before we are born but we are not conscious of that fact. We become conscious of it by being conceived. So from the moment of conception we are now experiencing life and becoming self-aware.


Participant Female:

This is the first conception?



The very first conception, yes!


Participant Female:

And God is still creating more children?



As far as I am aware, yes. When I say as far as I am aware, there are other universes that I’ve yet to visit and therefore I do not know what is happening in those particular universes. But in the universes that I have visited, and there are thirty-six of those, you can observe the creation of these new souls. And from a perspective of history, we are still very early in history and there are many planets in the entire universe that are yet to be inhabited. But they are being prepared for new children of God, which tends to indicate that God’s desire is to continue to create new children.


Participant Female:

Are these children born here on the Earth?



They are born or conceived on many different Earths, not just on this Earth. God wishes to enter into a personal relationship with every single one of them but whether the person will enter into the relationship will depend upon their own will.

4.1.  Indigo children are influenced by spirits


Participant Female:

What about indigo and crystal children, is this their first life or have they been here for a long time?


In the discussion of the human soul I can explain why certain children have what appears to be advanced knowledge. There is a lot more involved and it is much more complex than people on Earth believe. There are many spirits influencing these children. There is also quite a lot of very dark heavy spirit influence on the planet but also bright spirit influence on the planet, and when you are a child you are much more open to spirit influence than when you are an adult. When we become adults many of us are much less influenced by spirits, or I should say we are no longer aware of that influence, but a child can often see the spirit who is trying to influence them, he can feel the spirit, he can hear the spirit’s words ‒ all of those things are going on for the child. If the child has a very intellectual spirit or knowledgeable spirit with them, then he can hear information from that spirit and then he can speak the words that the spirit is speaking. This is why there are many children that seem to have a lot of knowledge but they are actually getting knowledge from spirits, and it’s not yet their own knowledge because if it were, their whole life would turn out to be very different than what it does.


When it’s your own knowledge it affects the love that you have to share to others. When it is somebody else’s knowledge it’s just knowledge that is yet to affect your life; and this is the problem with many of these spiritual experiences if they are not accurately interpreted. So today and tomorrow I’d like to explain how some of these things happen.


4.2.  The universe is constructed of parallel universes separated by boundaries of love

Participant Male:

I first had one or two questions but now I have a thousand. (Laughter)



That is normally the case. What we want to do is encourage this because this is how your soul grows.


Participant Male:

From my comprehension it’s difficult to understand the issue of the universe: are you talking about galaxies or parallel universes?



I suppose you could call them ‒ and many scientists have called them ‒ parallel universes. They are universes that exist in different dimensional spaces than the physical dimension. They can actually occupy the same physical space as a physical dimension universe in addition to occupying a different type of space. And some of the universes do not have the compression of time like we have in the physical universe. In other words there  are no time limitations in these universes. So as each universe grows in love it has less restrictions. The Earth based universe, the physical universe that we see around us in which our Earth exists, has certain limitations. The purpose of these limitations is to teach us about love. Then once we’ve learned those basic lessons about love and we progress to these different universes then we will learn more things about love and have less

restriction. And also very interestingly if we learn these particular things here on Earth then we have less restriction here on Earth as well.


This is the beauty of growing in love; it creates a less restrictive life and you will be quite amazed at many of  the things you currently do not understand as you grow through this process, you’ll come to understand things that you never imagined. Then when you understand them you can use them in your everyday life and then you’ll wonder how you lived without them. This is a beautiful way that God’s created for us to discover everything about God but also everything about ourselves.


Participant Male:

It was written in a book of a wise man that the human being has an origin and a destiny, that spirit is eternal and the soul is transitory.



Yes I know there are many of these theories but once you talk to the people who wrote them after they pass into the spirit world, they often revise their theories. For many people they believe the spirit body is the soul, but this is not the case, the spirit body is separate to the soul and I’ll describe through this process how it’s created.

4.3.  Spirits are located in and around the Earth


Participant Male:

Is there a possibility of intra-terranean beings that live in the Earth?



There are many people who live in the Earth but they are not people in the same dimension as what we are. They have passed over into the spirit world in a very dark condition and they have found places in the Earth that match their condition and they live there until they realise that they can grow. There are also very many people who have passed into the spirit world who are still living on Earth. They’ve just passed into the first dimensional existence; they are invisible to the average person’s eyes but the reality is that they are still living on Earth and the reason why they do this is that they’re often very afraid to go into the spirit world or they do not even believe there are other dimensions. So they never try to discover them.


Participant Male:

Like in limbo?



It’s sort of like the limbo that the Catholic Church describes. They have not yet made the transition through death because they misunderstand death. They had beliefs on Earth that they hold onto and never let go of. Some of you have had experiences where you walk into a house and you know there’s someone in spirit living  in the house. Sometimes you don’t like the feeling from that person so you ask somebody to come along who talks to spirits to get rid of them. But sometimes he goes, “Well it’s my house,” and he doesn’t want to go. This is because he is still connected to the Earth and we can explain many of these things tomorrow in the “Truth about Reincarnation and Spirits” talk, because that’s what I wanted to talk about with regard to spirits and their influence upon us.


Can we continue with the discussion about The Truth about the Human Soul? Because I think in explaining what happens many of your questions will be answered. So let’s do that.

5.  Incarnation of souls onto Earth



We have these souls that have not yet come to Earth, or to any other Earth, and therefore have not yet had any experience at all. But they want to come to Earth because that’s the only way that they can start their life experience. When a man and a woman on the Earth have sex they create two bodies: one of those bodies has the physical genetic structure, so I call it physical body or material body, and one of those bodies has a spiritual genetic structure, and so I call it a spiritual body.


One half of the soul is attracted to and connects to those bodies. They connect to the physical body; the soul connects to the physical body by what is called a silver cord. The reason why it’s called that is because the spirits see it as a silver cord. The spirit body is also connected to the soul but no spirit in the spirit world can see it, just like no person on Earth can physically see their silver cord. To see the silver cord you must be either a spirit or have developed the sense of seeing as a spirit person. To see the cord of the spirit body connecting to the soul you actually have to be a soul or be a spirit who can see the soul.

When the soul incarnates it connects to a spirit body (SB) and a physical body (PB) through the silver cord


Participant Female:

Can a spirit person see that connection?



They can if they develop their soul way of seeing. Now very few people have ever developed that and so that’s why most spirits are not aware that there is a cord connecting them to their soul. For that reason most spirits don’t believe there is a soul or a cord connecting the soul to their spirit’s body, and so they call the spirit body the soul. But that is not what I am referring to. There is a soul, half of a soul, that is connected to the spirit body and the other half of the soul has its own bodies that are created when two other people have sex, also creating a physical body and a spirit body. These two people are called soulmates. You cannot choose your soulmate; God has already made your soulmate for you and your soulmate will have very similar characteristics and attributes to yourself. Your soulmate can also be the same gender as yourself but you cannot have three soulmates or five soulmates, there is only one. Many of you might want five (laughter) or not want the one that God made for  you.

Soulmates are two halves of the same soul that have separate physical (PB) and spirit bodies (SB)


Now as soon as these bodies are conceived, the little half-of-the-soul is connected to the bodies and if this soul does not stay connected to the physical body, the physical body will automatically die. This is what causes some miscarriages, and there are conditions when that occurs, which I can explain. But understand that this feminine half of the soul is connected to the spirit body of the feminine person, so it’s a womanly body in the spirit state and then it is also connected to the feminine body of the material person but in reality these two are just organisms. This is the real you, the soul is the real you.

5.1. We experience life through our physical and spirit bodies



Now the real you learns through its connection with these bodies and the way it learns is through the senses in each body. So the physical body has the sense of sight and this sense of sight gets transmitted through the cord into the soul. It actually firstly goes via the spirit body and then into the soul as an experience. Everything you have ever seen is an image stored in your soul, and in thousands of years’ time you will even be able to remember this event; only if you want to of course, because sometimes we don’t want to. Sometimes we think, “That was a pretty bad event, I’d rather forget that one.” But everything that we ever experience is in the soul.

Senses in the physical body transmit sensory information into the soul for our experience


Some of you have heard that referred to as the Akashic record but it’s actually an experience that is recorded in your soul. Every soul is a perfect recording mechanism of every experience. So everything you have ever experienced will be there sitting in your soul for you to recollect at any time.


Your physical body also has the sense of taste, touch and other sensations and all of those get processed by your brain and through the silver cord into the spirit body and the soul. So when you lose your physical body, by

dying, you still have a record of every experience you’ve ever had, and this tells you that your brain does not store the information. The information is actually stored in a different location, and this is also the reason why a person can have a stroke and in the process of having a stroke they lose a part of their brain’s mechanism but then another part of their brain takes up the memory. They start remembering things again and this is proof that the brain does not store the information.


The physical body is the way in which the soul experiences the physical world. So now the soul has some experience and is becoming self aware and now the soul is growing and learning and changing and determining for itself.

5.2. Introduction to soulmates

Participant Female:

So if we have a soulmate, does God place the soulmate near us? (Laughter)



You place the soulmate near you or away from you and that happens by the emotions you have towards your soulmate. If you have emotions where you give the soulmate a job, then the soulmate might not want that job and so they stay away from you. When you are in a state where you love the gender of your soulmate perfectly or you have at least worked through a lot of the emotions as to why you don’t love that gender, then your soulmate is irresistibly drawn towards you. God created this Law of Attraction between the soulmates. God’s initial intention was that every soulmate would meet their soulmate on the Earth but the reality is, because of the different emotions we have, most people meet their soulmate in the fifth dimension of the spirit world.


The reason why that is the case though, is that most people do not want to deal with their emotions about the opposite gender while they’re on Earth. Many times in a relationship on Earth we have terrible emotions towards the opposite gender and we create a lot of separation between the genders, and this causes us to be separate from our soulmate. We need to work through these emotions and if we do we will meet our soulmate on Earth. Many of you could meet your soulmate in the next few months if you wanted to, as long as you deal with those particular emotions. (Laughter)


Participant Female:

What’s the reason that we have a soulmate; is it for us to grow?



There are many reasons why God created a soulmate. One of the primary reasons is that God desired you to live a happy life by only needing one other person. The reality is that you do not need your family, your friends, or any other person to have a happy life. You only need God and your soulmate. Another reason why God created soulmates was that we may have a desire to grow and our soulmate may not have a desire to grow, so God is giving us two chances to grow. So one half of the soul can grow and the other half of the soul will eventually be drawn into the same growth. The soulmate union is the most exquisite relationship you will ever experience aside from your relationship with God. It is one person in two bodies, which is something that Plato and Socrates taught nearly three thousand years ago.


These are very important principles to understand about our soul because they will help us understand what we need to do with it. We want to grow our soul so that our experience becomes loving and joyful and we don’t want to take actions or decisions that cause our soul to degrade in its condition. But what often happens on Earth is that we cause our soul to degrade in condition, we arrive in the spirit world and we start to see the condition and then we start to grow. It’s far better to grow on earth than it is in the spirit world.

6. Soul condition and growth



So let’s talk a little bit about the soul and its growth.

6.1. Discovering your own soul condition


Participant Male:

Is it possible to have a self analysis and find out which dimension we are in for example?



It is possible but unfortunately for most people they’re not able to do it. To accurately see the condition that you are currently in requires you to accurately see yourself; not only from your own perspective but from God’s perspective. The biggest problem most people have is that they cannot accurately see themselves from God’s perspective. Humankind has become very arrogant and believe themselves to be better developed than they actually are, and as a result of that most of them inaccurately assess themselves. You see we must understand God’s perspective of love to accurately see ourselves and this is very, very different from humankind’s perspective of love.


Participant Male:

Do you know someone that has this accurate idea of themselves?



The time when you have a perfectly accurate idea of yourself will be when you reach the eighth dimension. Currently there is no one on the planet who has reached that dimension and in fact most people on earth pass into the first dimension, and this indicates there is a lot to learn about love. There are also many people who become over-cloaked by spirits, and they think their condition is much better than it is but the reality is that their soul still carries the same unhealed emotions that most others have.


I want to talk a little bit about this because it’s important to understand how to measure your own progress. So now we are on Earth experiencing our life. Every time we experience pain or suffering it is God’s feedback system telling us that we need to learn something about love.

6.1.1.  Aging, pain and suffering are indications that we are out of harmony with love and truth



For a person who is becoming developed in their soul, both their spirit body and their physical body reflect the development. If the person is developed in love then the spirit body will be very bright. If the person is not developed in love the spirit body will be very dark. In addition, their physical body will age, and as we age we are approaching the true condition of our spirit body. By the time we die we have a very similar looking spirit body to how our physical body looks. A person who is growing truly in love will actually grow younger. They will also have less physical problems and they will also have less physical ailments in their body. They will create fewer accidents and the more they progress in love the less they will get sick and eventually they won’t get sick at all. Eventually they’ll look around twenty-five years of age without being sick at all.


Now of course this does not happen to most people. Most of us instead grow older, older and older; our bodies get older and more worn and many of us, if it wasn’t for pain medication, we would pass with a lot of pain. This is an indication of how much our soul is denying issues of love, so the secret to the rest of our existence is about learning God’s view of love and not our own.


Most of us want to impose our own view of love upon God rather than accept God’s view of love for ourselves and this is why the majority of the planet does not grow in love; because we have all of these concepts that are

inside of us that we obtain from our families and our friends and our parents that are actually out of harmony with love. This is the problem that we face with the rest of our development. Now once we see that pain and suffering is our feedback system, then we can also see that pain and suffering is caused by a lack of truth and love. This is not our concept of truth and love but rather God’s concept of truth and love; this is where we need to have a lot more openness to our own development.

Pain and suffering are God’s feedback system to show us that we are out of harmony with love and truth


Unfortunately though what happens is most people on Earth feel that pain and suffering is normal and so they don’t see it as a feedback system telling you that something is out of harmony with love. Because they don’t see that they don’t change anything, and because they don’t change anything their condition degrades and degrades. Your soul condition is what determines your happiness in your life, it determines what you attract in your life to yourself and it determines how rapidly you grow. It determines what accidents you have, what sicknesses you get and what love life you have; it determines everything about your life.


The soul condition is a sum total of your desires, passions, longings, intentions, beliefs, and emotions and so forth. If they are all in harmony with love and truth, then you’ll have a very good soul condition and you’ll be attracting a lot of very, very good things. If they are out of harmony in any way with love and truth, then you’ll be attracting corrections that tell you something’s wrong and this is very important to understand for your future existence.

6.2. Growing in love enables the soul to enter different dimensions



Now as your soul grows in love it becomes able to enter different dimensional spaces without the help of any other person. In other words no spirits will need to help you; it will just be your condition in love that enables you to go to different dimensions. Every dimension has a boundary that is a love based boundary and unless you reach that condition of love you’ll never transcend that boundary. Now many New Age spiritualists call this vibration, but you would be far better off calling it love because that is the vibration. Rather than thinking about metaphysical names, it’s more important to think about the emotion of love and how often you feel it for yourself and for others, because it’s the love that raises your vibration.

The spirit world is made up of different dimensions that have boundaries of love


Now each one of these conditions of love is like a barrier to your future development if you do not grow in love. You cannot transcend this boundary unless the soul grows in love in order to get over the boundary. This is why many people on Earth pass into the first boundary in this area of the spirit world, called the first sphere.

6.3.  The first sphere of the spirit world


In fact almost everybody who’s ever lived passes into that location from the Earth. It is a very rare event for a person to pass into the second sphere from the Earth at the moment and the reason why that is, there is very little development of love on the Earth itself, and this is what we need to come to terms with.

7.  The fast way to grow in love: connecting to God



I just had the feeling that people would like to know how they can grow in love, what creates their soul condition and how can they grow because it seems like a big sentence to go to the first sphere and how to grow beyond there.



There are only two ways to grow in love, only two: many people think there are thousands of ways, or millions of ways, but all of the different millions of ways that man has created to grow in love all come down to one  way. And then there’s another way, one other way, and I’d like to discuss both with you. Now one way is very fast in comparison to the other way. Which way would you like to know about first? (Laughter) Okay.


For many of you you’ve already been growing the slow way and this slow way is very frustrating. A lot of times you even see yourself doing something unloving and go, “sigh” and then you go, “There I go again, being

2 Mary Magdalene. Also known as Mary Suzanne Luck.

unloving again.” And the reason why is that there is something that causes us to act unloving. To actually easily change in love we need to get rid of the cause of the unloving feeling inside of us and this is what the fast way does. The slow way asks us to work on the cause without removing it by dealing with the painful effects of the cause continuously. What I would like to do is show you the fast way and then perhaps we’ll show you the slow way as well so you can tell the difference between both.


Remember I said that you are a soul and that is the real you; not your physical body, not your spirit body. Your soul is the real you. The way this soul communicates with God is by doing what is called a soul-to-soul communication, soul-to-soul.


Now the soul is the thing that experiences emotions. All of you are very used to emotions and in Brazil you’re very good at them, yes? It’s by your emotions that you connect with God. It’s not by your thoughts; it’s by your feelings. When you have a strong desire to connect to God, there’s an energy that comes from God that connects to your soul. This energy is like a pipe, or a tube that things can be sent down. In the first century I called this energy the Holy Spirit. Also, it’s only going to connect to you when you are in truth, so it has to be a true feeling you’re feeling, not a manufactured feeling, so it can’t be falsified in any way. God is the best detector of falsehood.

7.1.  Receiving Divine Love from God is based upon being in a state of Truth



Now when a soul has an emotion of longing for God’s Love, that then draws love through this connection of the Holy Spirit into the soul. You’ll actually feel immediately and completely overwhelmed and if you’re receiving Divine Love; you will instantly go into crying a lot. Now most people don’t want to cry a lot so they stop it, which stops the whole connection. We need to understand that this Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Truth, only connects to us when we desire God’s Love and it has to be a true desire, a desire you actually feel in your heart. Once that happens, God’s Love can flow.

When a soul emotionally longs for Divine Love and is in Truth, the Holy Spirit can deliver Love from God


Now there are some conditions of the love flowing into your heart. These are not God’s conditions but they are conditions that have to be ready in your soul for it to flow. If you are blocked to God in any way in that particular moment the love cannot flow. So we have to open our heart to God instead of resisting God. We also need to be in a state where we are honest and truthful with ourselves. You will get more response from God if you’re angry with God and honest about it than if you act that you’re not angry with God when you really are. You see God wants a truthful interaction with you; He doesn’t want it to be false or deceptive. If there is a real feeling inside of you that you are angry with God then God wishes you to express that to God and in the honesty of the expression comes the relationship. This is where most people believe they are doing the right thing when they are trying to falsify. With God we need to be purely honest.

7.2.  Prayer is the fastest way to become more loving



Now the fastest way to become more loving is firstly to pray; and the prayer is the longing for God. It’s not words; it’s the feeling of longing for God.

But we also need to pray for some things: we need to pray to get out of denial. There are many beliefs that we currently have that we believe are true and we’re not aware that from God’s position they are false, so one of the things we need to long for is to be shown the truth from God’s perspective.

7.3.  Working through emotional layers in our souls


Once we get out of denial we will generally go into anger because what we believe to be true isn’t the truth, and most of us get pretty upset about that, so we go into anger.


Then under the anger we will notice that there is fear and then we need to allow ourselves to go through this fear, but we need to experience it as an emotion, not just a thought because remember the way we connect with God is through our emotions, not with our thoughts. This is where most people make a mistake; they feel they can connect to God with their thoughts without involving their emotions and this is actually not possible. You can connect to many spirits in the spirit world using your thoughts but you will not be able to connect to God without connecting with your emotions and it needs to be an emotion that comes from a place of integrity,  purity and desire.


Now we are praying; we are longing for God to show us what we don’t see. It’s the things we don’t see that prevent our relationship with God; it’s also the things we don’t see that prevent us from growing in love. This is where it involves our entire life and in the first century I called it “The Way”, because it was a whole way of life. It’s not a religion, it’s the way you live the rest of your life and if you live the rest of your life that way things change very rapidly.


There is much more that we could talk about because underneath the fear is the emotion that causes most of our unloving behaviour: grief. While this emotion of grief remains within us and we’re afraid to feel it, we finish up acting out of anger and denial and when we act in those ways we create a lot of unloving actions. Remember every time we create an unloving action there will be pain and suffering for ourselves and for others ‒ every time!

Not feeling our grief leads to unloving behaviour


When we choose to experience grief and choose to experience fear and anger, we will never act unlovingly again: but we have to experience it rather than avoiding it. Every time you avoid those emotions inside of

yourself and avoid the responsibility of feeling them, then we project those outwards onto the universe and we damage other people in the universe. When we feel them inside of ourselves, then we can grow.


The fastest way to do this is through engaging this relationship with God and entering a state of what is called repentance.

8.  Repentance


Repentance is a state where we want to know what’s unloving within ourselves and we’d like God to help reach in and take away the reason why we are unloving but to pray for repentance we need to recognise what’s unloving. You have to have a desire to be humble enough to experience the reason or understand the reason why we’re unloving. That’s where most people do not want to go and that’s why most people do not enter this relationship with God while they’re on Earth; because it’s very, very challenging emotionally and it requires a deep humility to see everything that you’ve done wrong inside of yourself. So we have to come face to face with our self.


Participant Male:

It’s all very complex but wonderful. Before the Middle Ages, during the Dark Ages, they introduced the idea of guilt, sin and punishment. Of course many religious people that had authority at the time introduced a new way to manipulate human beings for their own benefits. That’s a great sin with humanity.



It is.

9.  Positive and negative spirit influence on Earth

Participant Male:

Some Christian groups talk about the presence of a being that you have not mentioned here: the demon. Is the demon an angel who fell off from somewhere? What we see in the world are human beings manipulating other human beings for their own benefit using spirituality.



I agree and let’s say categorically there is no devil. But there are many very dark people who used to live on Earth who have arrived in the spirit world in a lot of darkness and in an unloving condition. And they try to influence people on Earth and hurt people on Earth, and many times because of many people’s fear on Earth, those spirits are successful in their manipulations. In the first century there are many records of me in the Bible having conversations with these spirits. These spirits exist in all areas of the world and they are people who are yet to completely pass over into the spirit world; many of them have become what is called “earth bound”. There are over twenty two billion earth bound spirits at the moment, and they influence the earth in many ways.


There is also a very positive influence coming from the spirit world and so we get this feeling of evil and good, evil versus good. It’s the darker spirits who have very evil intentions, just like they had on Earth, and they’ve yet to change even though many of them are in terrible pain and suffering. And there are many spirits who used to live on Earth who have now become bright in the spirit world. They’re trying to influence the earth in a positive direction towards love and there are many billions of those as well.


So this feeling that we have on Earth that it’s good versus evil is actually something that is going on because of the influence of these spirits. And even in our own day to day life some of the choices we make that are not loving are influenced by these more evil spirits and then some of the choices that we make that are loving are influenced by these good spirits. But there is no ruler of the demons, there is no Satan, no devil. However, if you

meet some of these very nasty spirits, you might think of them as the devil because some of them are very nasty. But the only way a nasty person has power over us is by us being in fear of them. If we do not have any fear of a nasty person then the nasty person cannot change our mind on any subject and also the nasty person cannot cause us to do things that are nasty.


Participant Male:

Is it possible that people that are at average levels of goodness call upon these evil spirits to do some kind of incantations or voodoo and affect people?



Certainly there are many practices on Earth today that open a person to the influence of darker spirits. Drinking alcohol for example opens people to darker spirits and this is why many people on Earth who drink alcohol eventually do things they are not proud of. Often much drug taking is about spirit influence. There is a lot of sexual promiscuity that is about spirit influence because spirits can actually share in all of the feelings involved with drugs, drinking and sex.


Here in South America you too have the practice of voodoo?


Participant Female:

Here we call it Macoomba but there are many names.



Yes, and there are many practices in those spiritual practices that involve harming other people and these are all engaging these darker spirits.


In addition there are many religions on the planet that support war and these religions are being influenced by darker spirits. On top of that there are also many politicians who are very dark in the way they act and they are also influenced by darker spirits. So there is a lot of spiritual influence that we have upon the planet that most people are unaware of. And when you can see spirits you can actually see the spirits interfering with each person, and in fact many times spirits even get us to ask questions and some of your questions come from spirits.


So even right now there are many spirits in the spirit world who know less about the spirit world than you do and that’s surprising but knowledge does not automatically come just because we pass. We have to seek for truth if we’re ever going to find it. So many of the dark spirits have not sought truth and they do not want love and so they remain dark and do some very evil things. Then there is a very large group of spirits much larger than the dark evil spirits who don’t know what to do, and so they come to Earth because they don’t know what to do in the spirit world. So they come to Earth and have the kinds of experiences they would normally have on Earth. It’s just that not many of us can talk to them, but the reality is that there’s three times more people on Earth that are invisible than there are visible, and so they have plenty of people to talk with and interact with.


This concept of the devil came from a desire to control people and this concept has been a very damaging concept to many people because they believe that they can be influenced by a devil. But they can’t and they are very afraid of discovering new truth just because they believe the devil is in it. So it’s a great way to control people into a certain way of thinking and it’s sad on the Earth that we choose a fear-based belief over a love- based belief; and in fact that choice has caused us lots of pain.


All through the Dark Ages that you mentioned there have been huge amounts of pain caused by people’s belief systems that are out of harmony with love and these kinds of painful beliefs such as those about hell, fire, torment, that you can never get out of hell, these are all very damaging to people. There are many people in the spirit world who don’t know what to do and they don’t know what to do because they have never been taught the truth. So religions have a lot to answer for in teaching people falsehood while on Earth because it causes pain for those people not only while they’re on Earth but also in the spirit world.

10.  The origin of evil, continued


Participant Female:

What’s the temptation; where did this reference of us choosing evil come from?



It came from one primary underlying desire; it’s the desire to be self reliant. So once we choose to be self reliant, we now, have all the worries of what that causes and then we go into fear. Once we are in fear we do things that are evil. Now we could choose differently but many of us do not. We want to have self reliance because we think that self reliance is powerful but it is the least powerful place we could be and that causes all of humankind’s suffering.

11.  Closing Words



Now it’s getting quite late but these are many subjects that I would like to cover with you tomorrow in our discussion on “The Truth about Reincarnation and Spirits”, about the spirit world and reincarnation. So I feel tomorrow can be a very interesting day. What we’ll try to do is extend today’s discussion into the belief systems that you may have already had and we’ll try to answer all of those questions for you in a nice concise manner as best as we are able.


So we’d like to thank you for your time today and I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow if you can come. Thank you. (Applause)